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Sunday, February 18, 2018
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5 Sure-Fire Ways to Make More Money on EBay by John Lenaghan
... Another option is to state that you will provide actual shipping at the end of the auction, based on the destination. Overcharging your customers for shipping and handling is frowned upon and will often result in unhappy customers. It's always a good idea to include a thank-you note with every item that you ship. It can be on a business card or something larger, whatever you prefer. Of course your thank-you note will also include the address to your eBay listings and a friendly reminder for ...

Avoid Frozen Food Fundraiser Disasters: Tips for Success by Sherry Leavings
... Make sure your shipping fees are reasonable if you are not going to have a large number of items sold or you will end up spending all of your profits on shipping. How is my product shipped? Make sure if you are selling a frozen product that your items will be shipped in dry ice or on a refrigerated truck. Cookie dough will survive days at room temperature but cheesecakes will not be as successful. What will my profit be? Most companies only offer a 30% profit for orders under 300 items and ...

Easy and Effective - Creating a Comprehensive Marketing Plan for Your Home Business by Patrysha Korchinski
... Now, being handcrafted, it takes time to create and ship orders. While some orders can be created in advance, the owner doesn’t feel confident in her ability to gauge the most popular pieces in advance. So, she doesn’t like using supplies, if possible until the orders come in. She decides to allow 5 days for production and another 5 for shipping. That means all online orders must be in by February 4th for Valentine Delivery and February 9th for local orders.

Christmas Gift Giving: What You Should Know About Last Minute Gifts by Janice Wee
... The shipping cost between the different shipping options can vary considerably. Some places offer free ground shipping within U.S. for a minimum order size. For this free or relatively cheap ground shipping, you have to order ahead of time. For example, if you want your gift to make it in time for Christmas within U.S., you have to order it by December 16th latest. Now if you miss that 16th December deadline, you would have to go for faster, more expensive shipping options.

eBay and How to Buy, Part 3: What to Look for in a Listing by Amy Lieberfarb
... Make sure that the shipping cost is stated clearly in the auction or a shipping calculator is also provided. Making sure to check the sellers feedback number as well as feedback rating scores and comments that have been made is also very important. You want to make sure to buy from a seller who is trustworthy and going to deliver your product in a timely manner. Beware of the price that just seems too low or the promises that seem too good to be true and really check on these sellers for ...

Top 10 Reasons Why EBay Auctions Fail by Ricky Lim
... High Shipping Cost Do not overcharge your shipping costs. Most buyers will be able to know if you overcharge pretty easily by using the shipping calculator provided by ebay. A small handling charge is reasonable. 8. Low Feedback Are you just starting out selling on ebay? If so, it may be quite difficult to sell your auction. My advice is to get your feedback rating up to at least 20. You can buy some cheap items to increase your feedback. It will be easier for you to sell then.

How to Buy A Treadmill - Key Points by Keith Thompson
... features, shock absorption, variable speeds, calorie counters (to tell you just how hard you've been working!) time/distance calculators, and of course a reasonable guarantee/warranty. The motor should be have a warranty of at least 2 years, and the more the better. Some are as long as ten years. Shop around. Buying a treadmill online can be very easy. Not only can it save you money, but you can usually come up with good deals on shipping. Take your time and compare, and then start walking!

5 Ways to Buy Cheaper Books by Morgan James
... Just check the shipping prices to make sure that you are getting a bargain. You can get new or used books on eBay: often eBay stores are the best place to search so that you can “Buy it Now”; sometimes waiting for the end of an auction is the way to go. 2. Scan Around School. Used bookstores are often located very close to college and university campuses. Often times, students sell the school books that they don’t want to use again. You don’t have to spend hours in each bookstore looking ...

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