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Sunday, March 18, 2018
Article written by P Paul

Online Employee Timesheets

In most of the companies, the Human Resource Dept. used to have timesheets made in excel sheets to maintain employee in and out time records. Yes, I know it is a lot tedious; however, that was the best available resource for any company at that time. Companies used to offer excel timesheet software’s with in-build features like:
• The month has a drop down menu selection. The month can still be typed in if desired but must not include any abbreviations.
• The year can be typed in as any year desired
• The total hours for a given day are been displayed in hours and minutes.
• Hours worked and leave hours have totals at the bottom of the column.
• The totals of the columns including the monthly hour total gets displayed in hours and fractions of hours due to limitations on how Excel adds time values.

However the pains of maintaining an excel timesheet was always there with the people managing them and the hunt for options was always on. Then there was Outlook Timesheets. Here the features were one up from excel timesheet like:
• It had user interface
• Remote access feature using Outlook / Exchange messaging solution.
• Project Timesheet feature wherein the project database gets integrated and employees can mention the project they are charging time has to be mentioned.
• Approval Routing with Automatic Notification was another good feature of outlook timesheet.
• Administrators can set rules in outlook and
• Outlook companies claimed to provide the highest level of security.

All started going well for managers, however with the fast moving technology; companies started demanding flexibility according to their work environment that was not available in outlook. This is when Online Employee Timesheet came in as the solution for the industry.

Timesheet software allowed users to enter and approve timesheet and expense reports online using only a web browser. It is a comprehensive web-hosted timesheet software application that streamlines time and attendance, expenses, benefits, time off, and other HR related processes developed specifically keeping your company requirements in mind.
Timesheet software helps in eliminating paper work and reduces the countless hours lost to tedious tasks like repetitive data entry, error correction, and waiting for approvals. Timesheet software provides numerous features such as instant overtime calculators, mass approvals, automatically applied company OT rules, even automatic email reminders. Managing timesheet software and projects online increases efficiency and number of benefits compared to traditional desktop-based installed software. Employees can log in to their timesheet software from any computer requiring only an internet connection and browser. Timesheet Software is available at all times, from home or the office, or even your client’s office. There are no timesheet software downloads, nothing to install and you are always using the most up to date version. Additionally, your data is hosted at state-of-the-art Data Center, guaranteeing immunity against prolonged power outages, flooding, fire and other natural disasters. Companies offer Online Timesheet solutions with added features like Project Timesheet, Excel based Online Timesheets and many more.


P Paul

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