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Sunday, March 18, 2018
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Cooking for a Crowd? Need Large Quantity Recipes? Why Not Create Your Own? by Debra Haydel
... Even for expert cooks, modifying a recipe for large quantity cooking is not just a matter of endless multiplications. If you expand a recipe too much--you are bound to run into trouble and end up with an off tasting or a poorly flavored dish. For a basic dish like mashed potatoes, it would be acceptable to multiply all of the ingredients in a 4-serving recipe by two, thus doubling the recipe to serve 8. However, recipes are not indefinitely expandable (or shrinkable for that matter) and ...

Food Recipes and Online Tools to Make Your Cooking More Enjoyable by Eriani Doyel
... Do you want to experiment with some exotic international dishes? You can find dishes from all over the world on the internet. The ingredients that you may not be able to get locally can also be purchased online. Use a metric conversion calculator if necessary to adjust the recipes to the U.S. measuring system. Some of the other tools and information you can find online includes restaurant recipes, videos of cooking demonstrations and definitions of cooking terms.

Asparagus Quiche by Paul Rinehart
... Sprinkle the cheese on top and then carefully pour the egg mixture over it. Place on a baking sheet and put in over at 375F for approximately 25 minutes or until set. If the crust begins to brown too quickly, turn the heat down. To test to see if your custard has set, stick a knife into it. If it comes out clean, then it is set. Not used to these measurements? Use our volume and temperature calculators. Go to Online Cooking the links are on the right column under the heading "Calculators".

Clever Interactive Online Cookbook - Review of Low Carb Is Easy Cookbook by Cherie Davidson
... I had always had an idea in the back of my mind that it would be great to have some way to organize online, some kind of online recipe book, and I am very pleased to tell you that someone has done exactly thatÖand in a fun, organized and very interactive way. Low Carb Is Easy is a clever meshing of an interactive cookbook and an information Website. The cookbook software contains a database of over 100 recipes tested and approved as low carb, low GI (Glycemic Index), and tasty Ė ...

Methods of Website Promotion by Michael Medeiros
... They donít have to look through cook-books to find a recipe. They donít have to talk to salespeople for a car. Today itís all on the, ďinformation,Ē super highway. As a developer, focus on information delivery before beginning promotion of a Website. If a page can be divided into two topics, make two separate pages. Over-use of graphics can present problems too. While itís nice to make a Site pretty, most people donít care. They want the information or products they are seeking.

Secrets from the Classroom: Avoiding Summer Learning Loss by Rob Stringer
... Have your kids read brochures or go online to learn about things to see or do (reading). Using pen and paper or even a spreadsheet, give them a budget and see if they can plan meals, activities and lodgings for one of the days (math & problem solving). Designate one of your children the trip mapmaker (art, math) or map reader (math). Still others could be in charge of creating a family journal or scrapbook (writing, art). The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Making Homemade Soaps - What Needs To Be Learned First by Lisa Chambers
... Never assume a recipe that someone gives you, that you find online, or come across in a book is safe. Even if you obtain a recipe from the world's most trustworthy source, it is always safer to run your recipe through a lye calculator first to make sure you use the proper amount of your ingredients. There are many free and easy to use lye calculators that can be used online or downloaded to your computer, so there's no excuses! Stay away from painted surfaces.