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Monday, February 19, 2018
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The Lazy Way to Increase Your Sales Immediately… Without Spending a Single Penny! by Baz Lynch
... three sales from a small percentage of your affiliates, you've just made an extra $9000, bringing your total to $14000 for that month. You're laughing, and poor Mr. X. He was one of the many marketers out there that didn't take this type of affiliate marketing seriously, or didn't see any real profit in it. Meanwhile, you've just pocketed in 4 weeks what it takes a lot of people in regular jobs four or five months, often longer, to earn. Are you starting to see the power of affiliates?

Affiliate Programs - Crunching The Numbers & Conversion Myths by Carole Nickerson
... They followed all the instructions, used all the affiliate marketing tools & tips offered by the program, and learned everything they could about profiting with affiliate programs but still ended up losing - both money put into advertising and faith in the concept of making money online. So what went wrong? Let's say you sign up for an eBook affiliate program where you can earn $20 per sale. If the average conversion is claimed to be 1 out of 35 visitors to the site, then you know you'll ...

10 Ways to Sell Expensive Affiliate Products and Make Huge Commissions by Anik Singal
... But you can pack this CD with affiliate links. And you’ll be saving your prospects a boat load of time. Your buyers can’t compare it to anybody else’s bonus CD, since nobody’s offering one quite like yours. You can put any realistic value on it, promote it heavily, and get endless viral marketing value out of it. And best of all, it’s a way to get buyers to VOLUNTARILY give you both their email and snail mail addresses! Nice. #6 - Show a huge return compared to the purchase price.

Web Traffic Techniques You Can Use Right Now for 2006 by Jason Mangrum
... I follow a simple formula to create web traffic, qualified leads, responsive subscribers, loyal customers and even active affiliates who promote anything and everything I sell online. You can sum up the entire formula into the three major components I mentioned above, and create a fail-proof success system for your products, services and affiliate programs. After you've activated the formula, the best way to keep the momentum of traffic, leads and sales coming in on a consistent and even ...

Quick and Easy Steps To Build Your Website's Revenue by Mark Nenadic
... • Services – anything that can be provided online can be included here, such as site monitors, calculators, submitters, and other online services. Good quality, unique content can be quite challenging to create. If you have the time and the skill, you can write it yourself, but you may need to hire an expert to write it for you. This is, however, much more effective than using free content from elsewhere, because it makes certain that your site content is unique.

Back-End Selling by Edmund Loh
... If you create your own digital product (E-book, software, template), include links to other relevant products you either own or are an affiliate for. For example, if you composed an E-book on making vegetable soup and sell it for $20, you will want to include advertisements of the other E-book you composed on making chicken soup and sell it for say, $15. Since your customers trust the quality of your first edition, a fraction of them will probably be interested in purchasing your other ...

On Your Way To Making Money With Agloco In Less Than Five Minutes! by Jason Stilwell
... Most people skip this, so unless they sign up with you over the phone, direct them to your affiliate link. (More on that below). REFERRING THROUGH EMAIL: Emails are a great way to tell your friends and family about your Agloco membership and to encourage them to join as your referral. There is a wealth of possible referrals all around you. You may email anyone you know to tell them about the program. This extends to friends and family, business associates and mailing lists where the ...

31 Ways to Promote Your Book in March During Small Press Month by Brent Sampson
... Mar 30 Publish a "Large Print" edition of your book. With the world's demographics growing older, "large print" editions are becoming more and more popular. Featuring 14 or 16 point fonts, these editions appeal to the aging community because they are easier to read. You've already written the book, now re-publish a new "Large Print" edition to increase your revenue and double the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives. It's easy to get published here. Mar 31 - Take a breath.