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Sunday, March 18, 2018
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Can Fast-Food really be Healthy Food? by Jack Prime
... If you do find yourself in a fast-food restaurant, careful choices and common-sense can still mean a tasty, healthy meal can be found. The best rule of thumb is to try and avoid any food in which the calories from fat makes up more than 30% of the whole product. To work out this percentage, multiply the fat grams by nine (the total fat calories) and divide the result by the total calories. Now, so you don't have to bring a calculator with you every time you eat, you can quickly become used ...

Are Weight Loss Supplements Right For You? by Tom Worsley
... So are weight loss nutrition supplements right for you? When my wife lost 40 pounds using supplements she felt great. She was happy and gained allot of self esteem back. Not to mention that she had allot more energy. If you have a hectic schedule and cannot find enough time in the day to prepare proper nutritional meals and get regular daily exercise then I suggest you give supplements a try. My opinion is that if they help you to lose weight and make you feel good about yourself again then ...

The Best Fast Food for Your Diet by Kathryn Lively
... We at Compuslim hope our everybody who is serious about losing weight will continue to research their nutrition needs and learn what foods are best for them to eat to sustain a healthy lifestyle. McDonald's To look at Ronald McDonald, it appears he has always looked slim, yet not everybody who includes McDonald's food in a regular diet looks the same way. Just one Big Mac is 560 calories and has 30 grams of fat - on many eating regimens, that could represent a half a day of eating!

The Diet Demons by Deborah Caruana
... Realistically weíre all just trying to stay trim and healthy which means a balanced diet, small meals, not letting yourself get too hungry or too full. The more we learn and understand about the interrelationship between food, exercise the more empowered and capable of rational decision making we will be for our permanently successful health and fitness lifestyle and ongoing weight management. This article is part 1 of an ongoing educational series on your fitness lifestyle plan.

How Do You Take Advantage Of The Mayo Clinic Diet For Rapid And Sustainable Weight Loss? by Gary Holdon
... Here is an example of the type of tips you will see: Eat more fruits and vegetables with your meals Try out some new foods and combinations of your favorites Eat a salad or soup before your meals Look into some healthy cooking ideas Think about how energy density of your meals What Is Energy Density? This is rate the Mayo Clinic uses to determine how much energy a given food will provide. It is a comparison of the number of calories in a food and food portion size.

Give Your Family a Health Makeover by Jamie Jefferson
... Subscribe to healthy living magazines and encourage everyone to read about the latest research on how nutrition affects our lives, and stay motivated to exercise and live a healthy, fit life. A good fitness magazine can be tremendously motivating. 10. Cut down on your television. If you do watch TV, watch it together as a family and use the programming as spark for family conversations. 11. Turn off the TV when you eat breakfast or dinner together.

Fast Food Calorie Tips: Eat A Healthy Meal At Chain Restaurants by Richard Doble
... Selecting a healthy meal has never been more important. Knowing which menu choices are low calorie or high fat may not be obvious. Salad dressings, for example, may have many more calories than you would think. Yet with the few following simple tips you can get a handle on belt busting dishes and instead stay slim and trim. The first and most important consideration is portion size. Avoid getting the next bigger steak, super-sizing, or adding a combo dish that is more food than you want.

Seven Crucial Steps for Long Term Weight Loss by John Tiniakos
... Donít Skip Meals Ever heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Well itís true. The one meal you should never skip is breakfast. It is the meal that sets the tone for your metabolism. When you miss breakfast your metabolism responds by slowing down. Your body receives signals of famine from the brain and switches to energy conservation mode. This means rather than burning calories the body gets stingier with them. The other thing that happens, when missing breakfast is, ...

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