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Monday, February 19, 2018
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Nokia 6230i - Deceptively Powerful by Carly Charu
... Do it directly from the Nokia 6230i while on the move.With its built in GPRS and EDGE technology, the Nokia 6230i has the ability to provide its user with near broadband Internet speed. The integrated WAP 2.0/xHTML browser is your quick getaway to the cyber world. The device supports HSCSD too at around 43.2 kbps. The Nokia 6230i automatically changes the three GSM bands it support thus ensures operability in more than hundred countries across five continents.

Nokia N95: A Multimedia Fantasy Comes True by Martin Dev
... Nokia has redefined communications and entertainment in N –series and hence proved that, when it comes to mobile communications, it is the world leader. Nokia’s N-series boasts of outstanding multimedia gadgets and N-95 does full justice to the reportiere. It will easily replace stand-alone gadgets like MP3 players and digital cameras. With a hi-fi, 5 megapixel camera with an autoflash, camera key and integrated video recording capability at 30 frames per second, you can capture life in its ...

Enjoy Music, As You Like by Keith Rickwood
... Capture all the precious moments with your Nokia 5200. Actually, the Nokia 5200 is loaded with a VGA camera, which is further supported by 4 x digital zoom, which would allow the user to record video footage or to take a still photo with much ease. To add more, you can use a photo frame to get a perfect finish. The camera does come with dedicated camera keys, which would enable you to get quick access to camera features. There are other useful features, which would keep you well organised.

Nokia N91: Bringing the Latest Multimedia and Smartphone Technologies by Asre Decosta
... You can also load your own Java-based applications onto the device. If the N91 is used purely as an MP3 player, you can expect around 10 hours of battery life. The claimed standby time of the phone is 200 hours and up to 4 hours of talking. The Nokia N91 supports a wide range of digital music formats including MP3, AAC, WMA and M4A. Delivering both a incredible music experience and cutting-edge mobile phone features, the Nokia N91 enables you to be constantly connected.

Nokia 3310 Mobile Phone Review-Handset Features by Bob Arndale
... Despite being launched in 1999, the Nokia 3310 is still a popular user friendly mobile phone. It carries all the basic functions, but with no Bluetooth, Camera or Video features it is relatively basic compared to other phones on the market. The Nokia 3310 cannot compare with modern phones due to the lack of features, and it is also criticised by the consumer for its low battery life and looking dated or unfashionable. Despite being praised for being durable, the one weak spot that the 3310 ...

Versatility Personified - Nokia E65 by Alice Erin
... It renders a user the chance to choose the best shot and eliminate others. The phone enables video calling and video streaming. It accords users opportunities to interact with dear ones and watch television shows on their mobile handsets. The phone facilitates entertainment through nuanced music functionality and a variety of embedded, downloadable, Java, and other games. The Quad-bandNokia E65phone is characterized by versatility. It rivets attention by consistent performance.

Game On: The Allure Of Games On Phones by Philip Nicosia
... Mobile gaming had its start when Nokia introduced the game “Snake” on its 6100 series of phones in 1997. It was a simple game that anyone can play immediately without reading the instructions. The concept met with tremendous response. Here is an actual application (aside from the calculator) that has been embraced by the mobile buying public. What followed where two more games from the company – logic and memory – also met with tremendous success and proved that there is indeed a market for ...

Nokia 2652 Review by Nicolas Fogelholm
... According to Nokia the 2652 "builds on the success of the award-winning Nokia 2650". BatteryAccording to Nokia the battery works for 2500 hours in standby mode and up to 3,5 hours the talk mode. Phone users report less than 150 hours of standby time and 40 - 50 minutes of talk time. The thruth should be something in between. Full charging takes 2 hours. KeypadThe keypad is standrard and has a white backlighting. Flashing LED light alerts on the outside of the phone to announce incoming ...

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