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Tuesday, April 24, 2018
Article written by Alice Erin

Nokia 6230i - Simple Yet Efficient Gadget

Although, pretty cool designing has become one of the most important aspects in the overall success of a mobile phone. But, majority of users do prefer highly efficient mobile phones, which can serve their various purposes in the easiest possible way. The Nokia 6230i also belongs to the category of simple candy-bad designed phones, but it does offer a lot in compatible features. It has been very well designed to make it an easy to use device than a fleshy piece of mobile art. It comes with white contours without any enticing effects just to be your reliable device. Currently, this reliable gadget is available in four shades with black, white, silver and brown. This is just a beginning and you can expect more colours in the near future. Furthermore, it does not disappoint you, when it comes to viewing experience, as it is loaded with a TFT based screen, which can support more than sixty five thousand different colours all that you desire in your very own mobile handset.

Proving a right gizmo to keep your work and fun life move altogether the Nokia 6230i has it all to be your reliable companion, whenever you want. It has an exhaustive range of cool features comprising of organiser, calculator and Push to Talk technology. Thus, you can easily use this phone as a walkie talkie to stay connected with your team, while on the move. You can easily send and receive all the emails with instant messages like never before or as you receive on your very own personal computer or laptop. It also supports the popular EDGE and GPRS technology, which ensures that you get a broadband like Internet speed every time you use it. Its inbuilt WAP 2.0/xHTML browser provides easy and quick access to the Cyber-world.

The Nokia 6230i is an enhanced version of the Nokia 6230 and it also comes with a 1.3 megapixel camera, which is further supported by a digital zoom perfect companion for perfect pictures. You can also play music, the way you like it on your very own Nokia 6230i. Its music player can support music in various formats comprising of MP3, AAC, M4A etc. So, make the most of your mobile life with this simple gadget, which promises a lot. The Nokia 6230i is here to make you feel really good about your mobile life.
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