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Thursday, March 22, 2018
Article written by Jane Newcomer

My Very Own Calendar

Having lost my paper menstruation calendar I've thought, that it will be nice to have it in my computer, so it never will be lost because computers are bigger than paper calendars, so it is much more difficult to lost computer.

So I googled for "ovulation calendar" and found several applications for my task. Most of them have an ugly user interface and looks like they was made 10 years ago. Some were cute, but was not able to keep menstruations history always asked by my doctor. I've found many online ovulation calculators that can predict next menstruation, but I don't want to put that kind of information online. I want it to stored in my own computer, so nobody can see it.

Finally I've ordered software named "Teddy Keeper" ( http://www.teddykeeper.com ) Why? First of all it is cute. Their Teddy is so fun, especially in nag-screen where they asking for ordering. Application itself looks like cute toy, but it makes its work for 100%. It keeps full history of my cycles. It allows to print my menstruation calendar. And the most important: it is as simple as my paper calendar was. Give it a try and maybe you will like it too.
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