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Tuesday, February 20, 2018
Article written by Kundan Upadhyaya

Mutual Fund Software - Investwell

Mutual Funds are sold rather than bought. Distributors are expected to provide assistance to investors in terms of selecting a mutual fund based on criteria which may differ from investor to investor. They need mutual fund software to monitor the client's portfolio by rotating the portfolio in tune with the current performances for the various schemes and the economic indicators.

InvestWell software provides a package for providing all such services. InvestWell performs all front office activities relating to Purchases and Redemptions. The NAV module keeps a tab on all the latest NAV’s, and provides all growth rate calculations and comparisons instantaneously.

Key Features

  • Record Investments in Mutual Funds.
  • Actual gain Loss Statements to Clients.
  • Automatic Sending of emails to Clients.
  • Notional Gain/Loss Statement for Currently Held Units of all schemes.
  • Holding Summary.
  • Provision for Family Group to see the performance at a glance.
  • Scheme wise / Category wise / Setor wise allocation.
  • Latest NAV, Dividends.
  • Assets under Management.

  • Data Inputs:

    Only the following data items are required to be input by the users.

  • Client Detail.

  • Detail of Clients, Family Group, Investor category, etc.
  • Purchases.

  • Date, Scheme, Amount of purchase by clients is to be entered. NAV is picked up from the database automatically. Search options are also provided for lookup.
  • Redemptions.

  • Date, Scheme and Amount or no. of units redeemed by client is to be entered. NAV and user defined Load (if any) is picked up from the database automatically.
  • Systematic Investment & Withdrawal Plan.

  • Such applications may also be easily input in Investwell.
  • Dividend Reinvestment.
  • This is automatically updated in the client portfolio.

  • The transactions can also be directly uploaded from the registrar mailback files.

  • Outputs provided by InvestWell are as follows :

  • Acknowledgement Receipt for Clients and Sub Brokers.
  • Challans - Purchases & Redemptions (Fund Wise, Scheme Wise).
  • Client Portfolio (actual gains and notional gains).
  • Family portfolio summary.
  • Send portfolios in batCh mode (print / email directly).
  • Client Transation Log.
  • Average Acquisition cost.
  • Dividend / Nav History.
  • Client list, Labels.
  • Graphs - NAV Comparison (Between schemes, or with Sensex).
  • Growth Calculator.
  • SIP Investors track.
  • Fund wise Assets under management (aum).
  • Scheme wise Aum.
  • Client wise Aum.
  • Mutual fund Tally – customize Yourselves.
  • Upfront Commission Receivable Statement.
  • Trailable Transactions list.
  • Business Monitor – Drill down mobilization report.
  • AUM - by Relationship Manager.
  • Fund Fact Sheets.
  • Mass E mailer.
  • Portfolio summary.
  • Scan and store application forms.
  • SIP Calculator.
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