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Thursday, April 26, 2018
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The Wonderful Future of Cell Phones by Amit Laufer
... These new Cell phones are going to be a multimedia center, a mobile office, a navigation device GPS (Global Positioning system), a computer with fast Internet access, a text messenger, a high resolution camera and video, a watch, a calculator, a PDA, an MP3 music player, TV and a Wallet! Yes, we will be able to pay with it for things we today pay with coins like vending soda or coffee machines as well as for parking space, trains and buses tickets etc’.

New Window's Smartphone - You Will Love It! by Rene Tse
... The Windows Media Player 8 supports MP3, Microsoft's Windows audio and video for­mats, WMA and WMV. The SD Card is big enough so I can listen to music for hours." "Is the Motorola a GSM phone?" "Yes. It also uses GPRS and has a SIM Manager,which is a big plus for traveling overseas." "Wow, Greg this all sounds great. So, why aren't you using the phone now?" "Bob I do need to sociliaze speaking of which, I need to call my date." Same old Greg.

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