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Sunday, March 18, 2018
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5 Tips To Keep Visitors Glued To Your Website by Yaro Starak
... Multiple Page ArticlesIf you have long articles break them down into multiple pages. This will increase your pageviews and also helps those with slow net access. You probably already see a lot of bloggers using this method by listing only the first few paragraphs of a post on the front page with a more or continue reading link. This tip works for not just blogs though so if ever your articles start breaking the 1000 word mark considering breaking them down into multiple pages.

What's it Worth - Pricing your Stock Photos by Henry Bateman
... Size and Placement: Full page, ½ page, ¼ page or spot, front cover, back cover, inside. Distribution: How many impressions and/or times will it be used. If in a newspaper or magazine what is the circulation? If it is packaging, how many bottles of wine will your image label? Exclusivity: Can you sell the image to a competitor or does the company want exclusive use and if so for how long? Once this information is in place you are in a position to calculate the value of your image to the company.

eBay Powerseller Secrets for Online Auction Success by Jennifer Carter
... add a shipping calculator so your customers will know the exact cost of any item. Keep GoingSend an invoice shortly after the sale is completed using the automated invoicing system. Make sure you pack well, send promptly and leave feedback. Don’t leave negative feedback. The final Powerseller secret is using the second chance offer to sell multiple items, but pay only one insertion fee. Once the auction is closed, you can offer off your stock to the remaining bidders at their highest bids.

A Website for Your Small Business: How to Get One in Nine Steps by Kelly Biedny
... You don't have to write the content at this point, just get an outline of the main pages and sub pages you'll want, the general content of the pages and the functional items (like forms, calculators, surveys, etc…) that you will include to encourage people to take the desired action. This portion is essential to step three, setting a budget. Step Three: Set a Budget for Site Development & Maintenance The first thing to do when deciding on your small businesses website budget is to ...

Visual C# Express - Separate Data From Display. (3rd In A Series) by Samuel Mela
... That is one of the features of a good code library -- it has no specific knowledge of the software that is using it. SummaryYou can find a copy of the Interest Calculator Code on my Article Support Page . In this article I discussed how C# solutions can be divided into data handling projects and presentation (display projects. In the InterestCalculator program the InterestCalculator project handles presentation and the FinancialLib project handles data.

Understanding the GED Test by Leonard Williams
... Or, if you need more time for the first section and less for the second, you can use remaining time from the essay and return to the multiple-choice section of the writing test. Understanding the GED Test Score -- A Basic PrimerThe standard scores for the GED tests range from a minimum of 200 to a maximum of 800 on each test. To pass, 60% is required. This means you'll want to score at least 410 on each GED test to pass it, and achieve an overall score of 450 for the five-test battery.

Visual C# Express - Projects and Solutions (2nd in a series) by Samuel Mela
... You can find a copy of the Interest Calculator Code can be on my Article Support Page . Create Your Own SolutionAfter looking at my example, you will probably want to create your own. It could not be simpler. 1. Start the C# Express application. 2. Click on the "File" menu item. 3. Click on "New Project", and select one of the new project icons when the "New Project" dialog box pops up. I suggest a "Windows Application". 4. Give the project a name (text box at the bottom of the dialog ...

The 9 Commonest Mistakes That Students Make When Sitting Exams by Stephen Pickering
... Double check every question and answer especially in multiple choice questions 6) Spending too much time answering one question. PROBLEM: Even if you write a brilliant thesis on one question if the total marks available is only 20 out of an exam of 100 marks that is the most you can get. SOLUTION: In general make sure that you allocate time according to the marks available. If you have time left over you can come back and add points. 7) Not making enough points in short notes or essays to ...

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