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Sunday, March 18, 2018
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Nokia 2610 Gets you Started by Keith Rickwood
... In the race to put as many features as possible in a handset, the basic job of a mobile phone has gone into the background. Nokia 2610 is for those who believes in specialized device to get a job done. The phone is for those who'd listen to music on their mp3 players, take pictures with their cameras and expects exceptionally good reception and longer battery life from their mobile phones. The phone looks compact and smart in its candy-bar form with a large display of 128x128 pixel ...

Nokia 6230i - Simple Yet Efficient Gadget by Alice Erin
... Furthermore, it does not disappoint you, when it comes to viewing experience, as it is loaded with a TFT based screen, which can support more than sixty five thousand different colours all that you desire in your very own mobile handset. Proving a right gizmo to keep your work and fun life move altogether the Nokia 6230i has it all to be your reliable companion, whenever you want. It has an exhaustive range of cool features comprising of organiser, calculator and Push to Talk technology.

Handspring Treo 650: A Mobile Phone and a PDA Rolled Into One by Keith Rickwood
... The Handspring Treo 650 handset is an intelligent combination of a mobile phone, a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) and a text-messaging device. This makes it very popular among the professionals for whom computing and information storage is lifeline. Handspring Treo 650 provides an organizer, messaging, Web access and email features that help you to manage your official tasks efficiently and systematically. Handspring Treo 650 functions efficiently as a PDA having the Palm OS organizer ...

Samsung D840 Silver - Complementing Your Style by Adam Jaylin
... But it just ends there as Samsung D840 is an entirely different handset whose cult status has proved its popularity amongst the mobile phone enthusiasts around the world. Looking at its demeanour one can say that it is a lightweight and ultra thin device that snugly fits in your trouser pockets. The real surprise would be the range of features that this thin and compact handset incorporates. Its 2 megapixel camera is not exceptional as it lacks auto focus but clicks decent enough pictures ...

Stunning Looks, User-friendly Features by Keith Rickwood
... There are two color screens in this feature rich and slim mobile phone model from Motorola a fact which adds to its visual appeal. The handset can be activated through voice commands, which is speaker independent. There is an integrated music player indispensable for listening to music on the move. While enjoying music, one need not worry about missing important calls easy switching between music and phone calls is possible using a mini USB stereo headset.

Nokia 3310 Mobile Phone Review-Handset Features by Bob Arndale
... The 3310 does exactly what is required of a basic mobile phone. It allows you to make calls and send texts with ease and is the ideal phone for someone who is not looking for modern features such as a colour screen, bluetooth or camera. It is therefore ideal for someone that does not get on well with new technology, as well as the younger teenager who may be a little heavy handed and therefore requires a more durable phone. Also, due to the lack of modern technology the Nokia 3310 would not ...

Samsung D500 - Owner's Pride! by Adam Jaylin
... D500 is one such handset which has recently caught fancy of mobile enthusiasts world over. This super sexy slider targets both the business users and the techno freaks and has been immensely successful with both. The phone has an in-built 1.3-megapixel camera which is capable of clicking high resolution pictures in various modes. The camera comes equipped with a flash and enables the user to zoom in, record videos and add special effects to the pictures.

LG U300- The Double Hued Phone by Caitlin Lucy
... You can manage to save your PC files in your mobile phones with an easy drag and drop to store all the songs you want to play everyday for yourself. Adding to your personality, the LG on 3 features an astonishing 262K colour screen with an amazing display quality and clarity to enjoy every aspect of your mobile screen video calling, browsing, imaging and viewing video files and snap-shots! The big screen makes the live calls enchanting, viewing the recordings, snaps and the rich web pages ...

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