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Tuesday, February 20, 2018
Article written by Keith Rickwood

Mobile Phone Features

Life without a mobile phone is unimaginable these days. You will not see a single person without a mobile phone when you walk down the street. Even at your workplace or any public area, you hear thousands of ringtones throughout the day. The latest mobile phones not only allow you to take pictures but you can also play games, listen to music, access the internet, and organize a day planner and much more. No longer have you to think about the high prices before buying a latest mobile phone. The online mobile shops help you find the latest phones in cheap mobile phone deals.

The most common features of a basic mobile phone are:

The alarm is a popular feature in a mobile phone which helps you to get up in time. Another useful feature is Calculator which allows you to do the calculations on the move without the use of a separate calculator. The next admired feature is sending SMS or text messages which are most widely used. SMS are usually sent when due to any reason you cannot call a person. You can also send a particular message to all the phone numbers in a group.

The call register feature has a track of all the calls like missed calls, received calls and dialled calls with time and date. So you no longer have to search for these calls. This feature lets you can also track how much you talk on the phone. The dictionary feature is another useful feature that allows you to type the popular words easily. It automatically detects the word from the characters you press.

The ‘profiles’ feature allows you to manage how your phone behaves. Sometimes it becomes annoying when your phone’s ringtone rings loud in a meeting or in a place like office. This feature lets you get out of these type of situations.

So, if you are still not having a mobile phone, these useful features would surely compel you to buy one.

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