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Thursday, April 19, 2018
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Free Cell Phone Plans by Damian Sofsian
... You have offers where you can call up certain numbers - friends or other members of your family - for free, any number of times. Now this is a great way of staying in touch with your near and dear ones. Some companies offer free cell phone plans with which a group of people, numbering sometimes even to ten, are able to talk for free. Most of the leading service providers offer free SMS plans. MMS or multimedia imaging services are being offered free by leading service providers, on specific ...

Mobile Phone Features by Keith Rickwood
... The online mobile shops help you find the latest phones in cheap mobile phone deals. The most common features of a basic mobile phone are: The alarm is a popular feature in a mobile phone which helps you to get up in time. Another useful feature is Calculator which allows you to do the calculations on the move without the use of a separate calculator. The next admired feature is sending SMS or text messages which are most widely used. SMS are usually sent when due to any reason you ...

Ten Things You Can Do on Most Cellphones by Varun Krishnan
... 1.AlarmMost mobile phones come with a built in alarm feature which is very useful for people on the move or even you can begin your day with it.I personally have been using my mobile phone as an alarm for the past two years. 2.CalculatorYou can use the small calculator in your phone to do small math when you are on the move. 3.Send messages to a group of peopleSome phones have provision for organising your contacts into Distribution lists.So you can send a particular SMS to all phone ...

The Motorola V3i D&G -- A Stylish Handset for Discerning Users by Asre Decosta
... Owners of the handset could customize the same by downloading the latest mp3 ringtones, mobile screensavers, mobile logos, themes, etc. They can also enjoy video clips as well as download and play the latest and the best mobile phone games. They can send SMS, MMS, and instant messages and connect in more ways than one with the people who matter to them in their lives. The Motorola V3i D&G is Bluetooth enabled. The handset also comes with a number of other features that makes life a lot ...

LG Chocolate Mobile Phones: Having Latest Sophisticated Designs by Keith Rickwood
... LG Electronics, a worldwide technology leader in mobile communications launched the sleek and stylish LG Chocolate mobile phone. The fantastic looks and feel of the LG chocolate phone has made it a runaway success. The chocolate LG mobile phone cleverly blends modern styling with useful features. If you are looking for stand out style without compromising on usability, you’ll appreciate LG chocolate phones. These chocolate phones combine style with functionality and have also gained two ...

Cheap Mobile Phone - Cell Phone by Clarence Harrell
... A number of handy productivity tools are bundled with the Samsung cheap mobile phone or (cell phone ) t809 including a voice memo recorder, an alarm clock, a calculator with currency converter, a calendar, and a to-do list. Imaging and EntertainmentThe Samsung cheap mobile phone or (cell phone ) built-in 1.3 megapixel camera captures stills and video to the phone's internal memory, or to an optional microSD memory card. The camera captures video at 352 x 288 resolution, and it features ...

Handspring Treo 650: A Mobile Phone and a PDA Rolled Into One by Keith Rickwood
... Handspring Treo 650 has an MP3 music player that lets you enjoy your favourite numbers wherever you are. The Handspring Treo 650 handset has Bluetooth that facilitates wireless data transfer with the other Bluetooth devices. So, Handspring Treo 650 is an ideal choice for the professional who can use it as a 'reliable personal assistant’ to organize data in addition to enjoying all the other advanced mobile features simultaneously.

Samsung D830: Size Does Matter by Keith Rickwood
... 130-150 g phones available today, it is a phone packed with abundant features. In this age of unwieldy phones where it is tough to press the cramped keys Samsung D830 comes with an easy -to -use keypad. A black menu written in a conspicuous white script is again an added attraction. All in all a “recommended buy” for those people who want a light mobile phone capable of good functionality. Samsung D830 mobile deals are available on all leading networks in the form of cheap rental plans.

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