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Sunday, February 18, 2018
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Motorola v3i - Live it Up in Style by Keith Rickwood
... Undoubtedly, the Motorola v3i is just right for fast paced modern ways of living it up. One can shoot spectacular images and moving video clips with the 1.23 megapixel digital camera. The camera is complete with a screen view-finder, zoom and capabilities for video capture and playback. The power to record videos becomes indispensable when still pictures fall short of conveying the essence of a particular situation. The music features are no less captivating.

Nokia 3310 Mobile Phone Review-Handset Features by Bob Arndale
... The 3310 does exactly what is required of a basic mobile phone. It allows you to make calls and send texts with ease and is the ideal phone for someone who is not looking for modern features such as a colour screen, bluetooth or camera. It is therefore ideal for someone that does not get on well with new technology, as well as the younger teenager who may be a little heavy handed and therefore requires a more durable phone. Also, due to the lack of modern technology the Nokia 3310 would not ...

LG Chocolate Pink: the Pink Candy Bar by Alice Erin
... LG Chocolate mobile phone has quite a lot to offer apart from its stunning looks. The LG Chocolate Pink has a rectangular shape that's vaguely reminiscent of a chocolate bar. The slider mechanism slips up and down easily but firmly; we needed only one finger to make it work. With support for TFT, 256K colors, the two-inch display shows off everything beautifully, from photos to graphics to its simple, user-friendly menus. You can change the backlighting time, the font color, and the ...

Samsung E900: Packed with Top Features by Keith Rickwood
... calendar, a to-do list, a scheduler, a clock, world time, an alarm, a timer, a stopwatch, a calculator, a currency converter and Java games are also supported. Battery life lasts for over two days with heavy usage and you get 3.5 hours talk time and 220 hours on standby. The Samsung E900 is available with all networks like O2, Vodafone, etc. Take advantage of the best mobile phone deals available with networks like O2, Vodafone, 3, etc. and get offers on contract phones, sim free phones.

Nokia N91: Bringing the Latest Multimedia and Smartphone Technologies by Asre Decosta
... You can also load your own Java-based applications onto the device. If the N91 is used purely as an MP3 player, you can expect around 10 hours of battery life. The claimed standby time of the phone is 200 hours and up to 4 hours of talking. The Nokia N91 supports a wide range of digital music formats including MP3, AAC, WMA and M4A. Delivering both a incredible music experience and cutting-edge mobile phone features, the Nokia N91 enables you to be constantly connected.

Samsung Z400: Business and Pleasure Hand in Hand by Alice Erin
... Moreover, you can also make your very own dictionary and next time you do not need to type the same word again. Other features such as scheduler, calculator and currency would prove very useful in your day-to-day life. With so many features to support, theSamsung Z400 does come with a satisfactory battery life. With so much to offer for all, the Samsung Z400 is really a cool phone meant for all those who pay equal attention to business and pleasure.

Putting it All Together: The search for a Pocket PC Phone by Michael A. Keenan
... This is the first Treo with the Pocket PC operating system – Windows Mobile 5.0. This comes in at $500.00. Way too pricey for me and it doesn’t even have Wifi. Cingular’s best price on a PocketPC phone wasn’t much better. I could get an HP iPAQ hw6510 for $400.00. Again, no wifi. This is a real sticking point for me. I don’t see any reason why a device designed for communication would leave out this major specification. Being able to connect to an wireless network when it is available is a ...

Technology Has Not Forgotten The Visually Impaired – Gadgets Are Made To Help Visually Impaired by Anmol Taneja
... The visually impaired have not been left behind in this age of mobile technology. There is a nifty little gadget that can operate on voice commands, take notes as well as read them out. One such neat gadget is the ‘Bridge’. This neat little gizmo scans printed text and translates it into Braille. This useful tool for the visually impaired saves the text for further use as well. The device is small and portable and can be used fairly easily anywhere.

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