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Sunday, March 18, 2018
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Samsung D830: Size Does Matter by Keith Rickwood
... 130-150 g phones available today, it is a phone packed with abundant features. In this age of unwieldy phones where it is tough to press the cramped keys Samsung D830 comes with an easy -to -use keypad. A black menu written in a conspicuous white script is again an added attraction. All in all a “recommended buy” for those people who want a light mobile phone capable of good functionality. Samsung D830 mobile deals are available on all leading networks in the form of cheap rental plans.

Ten Things You Can Do on Most Cellphones by Varun Krishnan
... 1.AlarmMost mobile phones come with a built in alarm feature which is very useful for people on the move or even you can begin your day with it.I personally have been using my mobile phone as an alarm for the past two years. 2.CalculatorYou can use the small calculator in your phone to do small math when you are on the move. 3.Send messages to a group of peopleSome phones have provision for organising your contacts into Distribution lists.So you can send a particular SMS to all phone ...

Future Shock - and Network Marketing Distributors by Nili Raam
... Although we tend to view change as an occasional phenomenon in our life, Toffler claims that there is nothing more constant in life than change, and if you have poor adoptability to changes – you are bound to stay behind. Toffler goes far more than that by describing a state of distress and disorientation, which he terms as the Future Shock - a reaction of inability to cope with the rapid, intensive changes of our era, in the social, environmental and technological world.

LG U300- The Double Hued Phone by Caitlin Lucy
... The stylish LG U300 vests the power of MMS, SMS and email in you to share the moments of life! You also have the advantage of the Bluetooth wireless technology to make the sharing an easy and funnier aspect along with the handy and fast data transmission. The LG U300 phone weighing only 93g with 8 MB of internal memory features T9, a Calculator, polyphonic ringtones, video-recorder, video playback and voice recorder too! So stand out with the two-toned music phone and download the latest ...

What You Need To Know About Appliances by Eric Morris
... In fact, we are so dependent on these fancy gadgets that it is difficult to visualize living without them. However, it is not enough to just have knowledge of the latest kinds of appliances or the various brands. It is important to know the advantages a particular brand might have over another and exercise an informed choice when purchasing any appliance. It is even more important to keep in mind the various safety standards and not be swayed by glitzy advertising when making a purchase.

Nokia 2610 – Gets you Started by Keith Rickwood
... The phone is for those who'd listen to music on their mp3 players, take pictures with their cameras and expects exceptionally good reception and longer battery life from their mobile phones. The phone looks compact and smart in its candy-bar form with a large display of 128x128 pixel resolution that delivers 65,536 vibrant colours. The four way navigation key, dedicated call buttons and a simplified keypad makes working on the Nokia 2610 very easy.

LG Shine - The Fashion Hallmark by Alice Erin
... Other features include PhotoID, Bluetooth, document viewers for Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint and PDF, Web and WAP browsing, mobile email, calendar, calculator, memo, stopwatch and unit converter and a USB mass storage mode for file transfer and a PC connection cable in the box. Thus, with LG shine, LG has taken design and evolution of its original handset to a new level. And now the market is waiting what is the next design icon LG is going to launch.

Review: O2 XDA Zinc Mobile Phone by Tosif Patel
... The above facilities of the O2 XDA Zinc are complimented by the PDA options including extended phonebook, calendar, calculator, clock, alarm clock, task manager and notes system to name but a few. While the model is a little larger than your standard mobile phone, the O2 XDA Zinc smartphone really does offer a great system for the business person on the move, a system which is fully compatible with today’s PC systems, with the connectivity options to allow instant data transfer.

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