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Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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Versatility Personified - Nokia E65 by Alice Erin
... It renders a user the chance to choose the best shot and eliminate others. The phone enables video calling and video streaming. It accords users opportunities to interact with dear ones and watch television shows on their mobile handsets. The phone facilitates entertainment through nuanced music functionality and a variety of embedded, downloadable, Java, and other games. The Quad-bandNokia E65phone is characterized by versatility. It rivets attention by consistent performance.

Handspring Treo 650: A Mobile Phone and a PDA Rolled Into One by Keith Rickwood
... The Handspring Treo 650 handset is an intelligent combination of a mobile phone, a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) and a text-messaging device. This makes it very popular among the professionals for whom computing and information storage is lifeline. Handspring Treo 650 provides an organizer, messaging, Web access and email features that help you to manage your official tasks efficiently and systematically. Handspring Treo 650 functions efficiently as a PDA having the Palm OS organizer ...

Motorola V3i Pink: A Style Icon With The Smartest Of Features by Anastasia Elaina
... Enjoy hi-fi mobile imaging, mobile music and seamless connectivity with this gadget. This gadget includes superb features like video recording, MPEG4 video playback and an MP3 music player. Enjoy the wireless technology of Bluetooth with this gizmo. Transfer snaps, songs, ringtones and any other data that you desire to your PC. You can get the most hot news, happenings and all other current events on your handset itself with an innovative Screen 3 technology.

Nokia N73 – An All Rounder Camera Phone by Elizabeth Wills
... radio station on the integrated FM radio and interact with the different radio stations via a special Visual Radio feature. The personal information management feature of the N73 phones provides many useful features including contact details, notes, clock feature, calendar, to do list, converter and calculator. The Nokia N73 handset can be synchronized with compatible personal computers and is Bluetooth enabled mobile phone for wireless connection with other bluetooth compatible devices.

Stunning Looks, User-friendly Features by Keith Rickwood
... The Motorola V3i supports SMS chat, a feature which holds it in good stead among young people. Other lifestyle features of this handset include a calculator, a currency converter, date and clock, alarm and PIM functionality. This Bluetooth compatible mobile phone can be used for peer-to-peer gaming within a distance of 100 meters. However, this feature of the Motorola V3i is dependent upon the specific services of the particular network operator.

LG Shine - The Fashion Hallmark by Alice Erin
... Other features include PhotoID, Bluetooth, document viewers for Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint and PDF, Web and WAP browsing, mobile email, calendar, calculator, memo, stopwatch and unit converter and a USB mass storage mode for file transfer and a PC connection cable in the box. Thus, with LG shine, LG has taken design and evolution of its original handset to a new level. And now the market is waiting what is the next design icon LG is going to launch.

Review: O2 XDA Zinc Mobile Phone by Tosif Patel
... The above facilities of the O2 XDA Zinc are complimented by the PDA options including extended phonebook, calendar, calculator, clock, alarm clock, task manager and notes system to name but a few. While the model is a little larger than your standard mobile phone, the O2 XDA Zinc smartphone really does offer a great system for the business person on the move, a system which is fully compatible with today’s PC systems, with the connectivity options to allow instant data transfer.

LG U300- The Double Hued Phone by Caitlin Lucy
... Adding to your personality, the LG on 3 features an astonishing 262K colour screen with an amazing display quality and clarity to enjoy every aspect of your mobile screen – video calling, browsing, imaging and viewing video files and snap-shots! The big screen makes the live calls enchanting, viewing the recordings, snaps and the rich web pages an absolute experience.In addition to the big display screen, LG U300 supports a 1.3 megapixel camera to awake an amateur photographer in you!

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