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Thursday, March 22, 2018
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Parents' Complaints --- Arrogant Public Schools Turn a Deaf Ear by Joel Turtel
... However, the math-teaching policy for most public schools today is that all children beginning in kindergarten have access to calculators at all times to do math problems. Most school districts make important teaching-method or curriculum decisions in secret, without parentsí knowledge or approval. A parentís only recourse is to complain to principals or school authorities after these authorities have dictated their curriculum or teaching methods, and the parent sees the damage to their ...

I've Turned Into A... by Beverly Mahone
... Iím not ashamed to say I used my fingers to do math problems sometimes. That may be because we didnít have calculators, but we did have the Abacus. Remember that, baby boomer buddies? Reading was fundamental back then but we did it by reading the ENTIRE booknot using cliff notes. Iíll never forget the time my 9th grade English teacher made us read ďMoby DickĒ as an assignment. I thought she must have been insane! But, in hindsight, I can now say Iím proud to have read one of the classics ...

Teach Your Kids Arithmetic - The Quick-Add - Part I by Joe Pagano
... Imagine what better problem solvers we would be in general if we had math on our side rather than against us! Letís return to the idea of complements. In the 8 + 9 example, we see the sum is 17. How much faster would a child come up with the answer 17, if I said ďWhat is 10 + 7?Ē Now the careful analysis of the difference between 8 + 9 and 10 + 7 reveals some very interesting things, and shows how the circuitry of the brain capitalizes on some very important mathematical facts.

Children With Learning Disabilities by Aaron Schwartz
... We will establish homework habits with pleasant tasks such as collecting pictures or objects. It will include drill activities which are both varied and practical. It will be individualized so it will meet the needs of many children and will give them many opportunities improve their skills, to overcome some disabilities and to be creative. Speaking of assessment design, I would like to propose programmed learning method. It will consist of testing the deaf children by means of multiple ...

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