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Saturday, March 17, 2018
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Mathematics - We’re Counting on Help from Parents by Barbara Snyder
... Please don’t give your child an excuse to dislike math by making comments about your own school experiences with it or your distaste for it. It is important for parents to be positive, active supporters of the learning process to help encourage a child. A parent’s attitude can and will influence that of their offspring. Don’t undermine your child’s potential by exposing them to your prejudice toward subjects in school that may have given you difficulty.

Teach Your Kids Arithmetic - The Quick-Add - Part I by Joe Pagano
... How much faster would a child come up with the answer 17, if I said “What is 10 + 7?” Now the careful analysis of the difference between 8 + 9 and 10 + 7 reveals some very interesting things, and shows how the circuitry of the brain capitalizes on some very important mathematical facts. Let us examine these. It is indeed true that 0 and 1 are two very special numbers, but for addition, 0 is the number whose special property applies here. The number 0 has the “Additive Identity Property.” ...

Ensure Your Child's Success in Math - 10 Great Ways! by Susan Jarema
... Time spent exploring math with your child will help your child excel in other areas such as science, geography, music, art and problem solving. Our children can grow up to enjoy mathematics and we parents can learn along the way. Find an hour each week to share the wonders of mathematics with your child. Take some MATHemACTION in your own home. Remember, if not for math, we might still think that the earth was flat like a pancake!

Multiplying Success - Preparing Your Child for a Standardized Test in Math by Kayla Fay
... ( A variation of this problem appeared on a standardized test for 3rd graders.) Whatever your opinion about the necessity and validity of testing, you cannot change the fact that your child will soon be handed a bubble sheet and asked to remember material from an entire year. In A Bubble of Confidence, I addressed ways to boost your child ' s test taking confidence. Comprehending Comprehension has strategies for the reading portion of the test. This article lists several ways to help ...

Children With Learning Disabilities by Aaron Schwartz
... The lessons in native language are of certain value for children with learning disabilities according to the fact that most of them have certain difficulties in correct spelling. Besides very often they have grammatical errors, poor sentence structure. Children with disabilities can have difficulties in teacher’s fast speech and can misunderstand his lectures. Often such children are slow readers, they usually comprehend incorrectly the meaning of texts and have poor retention.

5 Ways to Form Good Study Habits in your Kids by Dinorah Blackman
... Relying on your memory might not always be a good idea. Make sure you have a specific place to write down all your upcoming assignments. It will save you a lot of trouble, time and unnecessary phone calls. 5. Take a break. Few children are able to concentrate on homework for hours at a time. Usually a short 10 minute break between assignments can be relaxing and invigorating. Overall, teach your kids to take advantage of their study time by making it a calm, stress-free experience.

My Kid is Smart- So Why is He Getting Bad Grades? by Sadiq Ansari
... I think the real definition of "smartness" has nothing to do with IQ or the ability to do mental gymnastics such as quick math or fact memorization. We are ALL born with our own limitations. We can work to expand those limitations, but, in some regard, they are always there. It is simply ignorant and incorrect not to acknowledge this. That being said, everyone can succeed despite their own limitations. However, in order to do this, one must understand his own limitations and figure out ...

Love, Uncles, and Etymology by Arnold Romanofski
... All the children were there, and I was ready for my performance. “Unbelievable,” I cried out, “There’s a rampike in the yard!” I like to make a big, dramatic, production out of everything educational like my Uncle Steve used to do. “Look, there it is—the rampike—right outside our window!” “Oh no, here we go again, Uncle Brad,” Laurel said, rolling her eyes. “What’s a rampike?” asked Andrew. “A rampike?” Nathan repeated. “Isn’t it incredible?” I said dramatically.

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