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Monday, February 19, 2018
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Fives Paths to $100,000 Per Way Part 1: Gidget's Way by Sean Farrington
... When Gidget first saw this number she became a little depressed because she didn’t see her goal of six figures in the display of her calculator. But after a little more Jif covered Twinkie delight, she suddenly had a recollection. She remembered that she did have some other income from the sale of her products. [To be truthful she actually has only one product – a CD called “Chimes They Are A Tangeing” – which is her homage to the social revolution of the Sixties].

You Can Make 1,161 Times More Money With This Easy Money Management Technique by Marc Mayor
... to risk less than that in any single strategy, including ours. Just for the fun of it, I also did the calculation for a buy and hold strategy on the S&P 500 index. Amount to allocate to this strategy, according to Kelly: 1.76% Don’t say we didn’t warn you… TAKE AWAY POINTS TO CONSIDER: Get your calculator out and do the math Use the Kelly formula determine what portion of your assets should be invested in any given portfolio Keep in mind that any strategy can go bankrupt at any time

Small Business Marketing Review - Strategic Database Marketing by Craig Lutz-Priefert
... This book is full of math examples that enable a Chief Marketer to understand the basics of database marketing. You don’t have to be a statistics wizard to read the book; although basic business sense is certainly helpful. At its core, Hughes’ thesis is simple: companies can implement database marketing to improve their sales through building stronger relationships with their best customers. The challenge, of course, is actually pulling it off. Many have tried, not all successfully.

Love, Uncles, and Etymology by Arnold Romanofski
... Uncle Steve would pull out a slide rule (this was the 1960s, before calculators were common) and help me do math problems in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner. We had these “conferences” at every family activity. Once, before arriving at a family event, my dad pulled me aside and said, “Don’t bother Uncle Steve the whole time. Other people want to talk to him too.” I was shocked and hurt. To be cut off from Uncle Steve was a crisis. I found Uncle Steve and pulled on his pant’s leg.

How to Count Calories With Your Eyes by Marc David
... Unless of course, you track it for the first day and forever on, eat the same portions and foods. Yuck! The biggest mistake I see people making is: 1- They have not ever figured out the math to calculate their calories 2- They do not track what they eat 3- So they just do whatever and get whatever If you follow the above three steps, you are almost guaranteed not to make the same mistakes that most other people make when it comes to reaching their fitness goals.

Emergency Lesson Plans, Real Lifesaving Tools for Teachers by Frank Holes Jr.
... Math: Leave a calculator activity. These could even be puzzles or partner games. Or give review problems. Science: Copy a science article and have students read carefully and answer questions. Make speculations and use the scientific method. Or have students create the plans for a lab activity. Reading: Leave students a copy of a short story or article, and questions to answer. You could even set up a 'test-taking' exercise, and discuss appropriate answers and strategies.

That New Car Smell - Tales from the Darkside in Austin, Texas by Frank Bellucci
... Let’s do some simple math. You could go out and buy a 4-year old car and spend say, $15,000. Or you could buy the same car for $30,000+higher taxes+higher insurance. In this example, you’d save at least a delta of about $15,000 or $3,000 for each of the next five years. $3,000 is quite a safety cushion for yearly repair bills. When was the last time you spent that much on your car in a given year? Add on the fact that you can buy an extended warranty and your risk drops even further.

Did eBay Open the Door for Google? by James Newton
... Problem is, this is a highly competitive market and he might price himself out of sales. The math is done, does this seller have any chance to earn money on eBay? I think Bill has forgotten that buyers come to eBay because of the sellers, so they can buy it. If it aint there, they won't be coming. Bill, it's not a good idea to chase sellers away. 83% of your listings hmmm. Ok Google (or anyone with an auction site), looks like eBay wants to hand over the keys to..

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