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Monday, February 19, 2018
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Digital Kitchen Timers – Never Burn Another Dish by Curtis Miller
... You are able to use the timer while using the calculator. At $34.95 it is a great addition to your kitchen tools. If you don’t need something that offers as much as the KitchenCalc you might want to look at the Triple Timer. With this timer you can time three dishes at once. This is a big help when cooking a meal that has multiple dishes that need timing at the same time. If having simplicity is important to you, egg timers are a good choice. With today’s choices you can have precision ...

SAT Test Day: The Night Before and Morning Of by Karl Schellscheidt
... After breakfast, take out a test prep book and do the first two questions of each of the three sections. After a few easy math, writing, and sentence completion problems, you’ll realize your brain is still working and everything is going to be OK. Don’t check the answers….just do the problems. I don’t think the first problems you do on test day should be the real ones on the SAT exam. Hopefully this advice will help you maximize your SAT test score. Good luck, and remember to stay positive!

Cooking for a Crowd? Need Large Quantity Recipes? Why Not Create Your Own? by Debra Haydel
... On a buffet of numerous dishes, people will take smaller portions of each in order to sample everything. Also, not everyone will sample every dish. This means that every dish you prepare need not serve 25. You need only prepare a few large quantity dishes. Look for recipes that serve 8-12 and double them (or not). With a calculator and a little ingredient know-how you can comfortably convert most of your party food recipes and present a tantalizing menu to your guests. Have fun!

Questions And Answers About The GED Test by Leonard Williams
... You’ll also want to know how to use a calculator, since part of the test allows you to use one. The writing test has two parts. The first is a multiple-choice test about the mechanics of English usage and the second is a 45-minute essay. What’s a passing score on the GED test? That’s the big question, right? The standard scores for the GED tests range from a minimum of 200 to a maximum of 800 on each test. To pass, you must score about 60% on each test, which translates to a score of at ...

When a 19 Cent Photo Ain't 19 Cents by Andrew Wohlberg
... A really smart friend of mine, (much, much smarter then me) devised this really cool, easy-to-use and *free* photo calculator that will actually compare printing costs for 5 different online photo companies, and then show you the cheapest. It’s so simple to use, you just enter the number of 4x6, 5x7, or 8x10 prints. Then you select delivery type - standard, expedited (1-2 days) or overnight, click “Find Best Price” and *Voila* - you’ll get a comparison chart with the winner in red.

My Kid is Smart- So Why is He Getting Bad Grades? by Sadiq Ansari
... Some succeed, while some just end up taking longer than if they had written it down or used a calculator. I encourage everyone to try new techniques to see what works for them - that is the heart of really being smart. There are often many ways to do something - each student should do what works for THAT student. Sometimes that means working extra hard to understand a principle or memorize a fact, sometimes it means looking at something several different ways, and sometimes it means just ...

Poker Sit And Go Report - Heads Up Control by Marty Smith
... Hand strength therefore, should only come into play when your opponent chooses to call your raise, or reraise your raise. If he just calls and the flop gives you some hope, like say a draw or pair, then you will be using your chips here to take him out of the pot, or use your odds and math skills or your poker calculator to determine your chances of winning the hand should you need to call your opponent’s all in bet. Your main strategy here is to essentially take your opponent’s breath away.

Ten Things You Can Do on Most Cellphones by Varun Krishnan
... 2.CalculatorYou can use the small calculator in your phone to do small math when you are on the move. 3.Send messages to a group of peopleSome phones have provision for organising your contacts into Distribution lists.So you can send a particular SMS to all phone numbers in that group. 4.Keypad LockI meet so many people who dont know that there's a feature that helps them lock the keypad when not in use.They complain that calls are automatically made to the last number when they keep the ...

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