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Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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W.D. Gann Square of Nine by Peter Amaral
... Gann tells us that 90 degrees in very important in the stock market. What he's really saying is that adding and subtracting .5 (and exact multiples or proportions of .5) to the square root of a stock price and then squaring the result is very important! If you spend even a little time experimenting with Gann Wheel math on some stock or commodities charts you will discover some interesting relationships. If it seems a bit confusing, do not fret. W.D.

How to Select A Hard Drive For Your PC by Peter Dobler
... Take a calculator into the store and do the math, then make your choice. Size physically is important because you must have a hard drive that fits the slot in your particular computer. Hard drives come in two primary sizes. The smaller, standard size is the size of a 3.5 inch floppy disk drive. The larger type is the size of a CD ROM drive. Larger drives tend to cost less, but most computers have enough slots for smaller, standard drives and most computer users consider them a little more ...

Hate to Write? Hire a Ghost! Why Using a Ghostwriter is Not Cheating by Kim Pearson
... It was also cheating to use a calculator while taking a math test, because you were supposed to be learning how to do mathematics, not punch buttons. This is no longer true. You can use a calculator now without guilt. You can also hire a writer to help you put your ideas on paper. (Of course they must be your ideas – it’s still wrong to steal others’ ideas and pass them off as your own.) Hiring a writer is a little like hiring an architect. Say you are finally able to build your dream house.

Designing Technology: Making the Leap by Jamie Monberg
... Just as you don’t need to know HTML to create a website, you no longer need assembly code or binary math to approach tech development. The pieces are out there, we just need to put them together. Instead of viewing technology as something to design around, we should design with it, engaging technology not as a mechanic uses tools, but as an artist uses paint. Interacting with technology shouldn’t be taxing for the user—it should be fluid and intuitive.

Power Travelling and Touring - 10 Factors in Enjoying Stuff by Raymond Strachan
... has lot of smaller stuff with it or inside it. Subsequently you end up looking at all this Stuff for hours on end. After a while it knocks the stuffing out of you. This is why I have developed this formula based the the criteria above: Stuff x (WOW/10) x (120 + RWF*) mins = STUFFED *Reverse WOW factor(expressed in minutes) So before you end up telling museum staff and street vendors to "Get Stuffed" take a calculator with you whenever you visit tourist or historical icon and do the math.

23 Games to Play in the Car (or Anywhere!) by Brook Noel
... (No calculators allowed.) Games that Require a Bit of Preparation Travel Bingo:Make a bingo board with color names in the squares. Print out several on your home computer. As you drive, players place an X when they see a car of the specific color. You can add to the excitement by letting each car only be used by the first person to "call it." Try 4 corners, blackout (filing up the whole card) making an X on the card, etc. Variation: Make a "mixed" car board and include different types of ...

Marketing for Business Leaders: Three Steps to Increase Marketing Effectiveness by Susan Tatum
... A quick run around the calculator tells us that your marketing efforts need to generate 4000 leads for the sales team. With this information in hand, marketing planning becomes much more focused. Every activity in the plan should in some way contribute to generating inquiries and developing leads. If you can't trace a program or activity to this result, don't spend the money. 2. Match your marketing process to the buying process. Unless you are selling an impulse item, the decision to ...

Parents --- Homeschooling Can Take a Lot Less Time Than You Think by Joel Turtel
... Also, bookstores like Barnes and Noble and Borders have whole sections full of books about teaching your child to read, write, and do basic math, as well as books that will interest and challenge young readers. Once your children learn to read well, the whole world of learning opens to them. They can explore any subject that interests them, and read ever more difficult material by themselves in books or on the computer. For a small subscription fee, your children can study the entire ...

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