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Monday, April 23, 2018
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Retirement Management by Matt Alexander
... There are basically four potential sources of income available to support retirement expenses: employer-sponsored plans, Social Security, personal savings and investments, and part-time employment. The management of retirement assets is an ongoing process that begins well before retirement by determining objectives, considering risk tolerance and examining oneís time horizon. This process then continues with regular monitoring of the plan so that necessary modifications can be made ...

Oil and Gas Offshore Construction Field Engineer & What They Do by Sulaiman Sabur
... This is where the walkie talkie is putting in action. He shall review project planning with a view to improve on the completion date, if possible during implementation. He shall at all times know the current progress of the project with respect to planning. He should be able to give details of why a project is ahead/behind schedule at all times. Offshore construction Field Engineer Qualification & RequirementMust have recognized degree in appropriate engineering discipline.

New Year's Resolutions, The "Word" and a Small Business Retreat by Sandra Martini
... As a business owner (or as one who dreams of owning a business), it is critical to take time out to plan for the upcoming time period, be it a year, or even a long-term goal. Otherwise, how can you get where you want to be if you donít know where that is? I usually plan two business retreats per year: ~ One in late summer -- itís late enough in the current year to have a good idea of how the year is progressing and yet still have enough time to make changes if necessary.

3 Ways To Do More With Less Time by Yolanda Facio
... Systems are a key component in time management. I have a system for everything! Systems do not have to be complicated but they help to keep you on track and save time. For instance, I use a 'system' for my after-work time. When I leave the office my evening everyday is pre-planned. I drive home, I change, I make dinner, I watch one hour of TV, I work two hours, and I go to bedÖ A system. I follow the same system every single day. It removes wasted time trying to decide what I'm going to do ...

Facility Maintenance Management Software by Eddie Tobey
... According to a study, properly planned and maintained services can lead to a 20 percent reduction in the operating cost of a firm. The level and scope of functionality varies in the maintenance management system, according to the type of industries and physical assets. Therefore, except for standard functions like maintenance audits and down-time calculators, most of the software functionalities should be customized. These are many software vendors available, each of whom has an internet ...

TPM and Lean Production, is It Worth the Effort? by Oskar Olofsson
... Project management and coaching equals to about one full-time coordinator per 100 employees in the facilityBenefitsIncreased Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) is the main factor that may be used to approximate the return on the efforts. Simply speaking, the OEE is the ratio of the facility's actual output compared to the theoretical output that would be possible if the machinery was run at full speed every minute, without break-downs, lack of raw material, quality losses or set-ups.

Planning Your DIY Project by Alan Woodbridge
... thereof are likely to have immediate - and tangible - results. 8. Last but not least - don't beat yourself when something does not go according to plan, especially if you are just starting out. This includes bad time estimates that tend to be the number one cause of frustration in DIYers. Remember that no job is exactly the same no matter how many times you do it, so you cannot possibly plan for everything. That said, your estimating and project management skills should improve over time.

Log Homes - Top 10 Questions (and Answers) by Al Hearn
... Some of the possible problems you might encounter as you plan and build your log home are: financing difficulties (usually because the bank doesn't understand log homes), construction delays (for a variety of reasons), cost overruns (primarily due to poor planning or mid-course changes to plans). The key to minimizing the possibility for problems is to know exactly what you want, realistically budget your project, line up financing well ahead of time, and make your plans and stick with them.

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