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Tuesday, April 24, 2018
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Money - How Do You Feel When You Discover That A Complete And Utter MORON Makes More Money Than You? by Gary Simpson
... How does it make you feel when you find out that a guy who cannot spell, can't add up two numbers without using a calculator, has very little written ability and can who hardly string two intelligent sentences together, makes a LOT more money than you do? Especially when you work so hard and they seemingly do virtually nothing. What does that tell you? Think Answer making money isn't dependent on intelligence. Therefore it's not all that difficult.

Horse Racing Betting, The Risk Free Way by Rob Mellor
... The idea is that you place the right amount of money at the right prices so that no matter what horse wins the race, you make a profit. Sounds hard doesn’t it? I know it sounds a bit complicated but there is a new horse racing system that makes it easy and dead simple to use. There are calculators and software to help you and take most of the work out of doing it. Now some people in the know have been doing this for years even before all of the online bookmakers but with the internet ...

Make Money with No Money-When Will Opportunity Knock? by Jack Reynolds
... Making money with no money, the thing to remember is that money is numerical in nature. If you can understand that about money, then you can see that $1 is no different then $100,000 Its just a different numerical amount of the same basic unit. This is simple to understand and easy to implement. You could technically begin with just 5 dollars. Get your calculator out and multiply $5.00 by 1.3 (that translates to 30%) multiply it by 47 weeks. You will have over $1 million dollars in that ...

Achieve Long Term Business Success By Having The Right Reasons / Motives by Tayo Solagbade
... Find A Reason That Goes Beyond Making MoneyDesiring money can provide adequate motivation to pursue business success. The problem I have with it is this: What happens AFTER you achieve your desired level of business success that results in wealth - and financial independence or security for you? Some successful people have advised that you avoid making money your major focus. This is because, (from their experience) when you relentlessly pursue your vision, success will eventually come with ...

What Is the Lifetime Value of A Customer by Steve Martinez
... How often we stay in touch with our customers is one factor that makes a difference in the success of a salesperson or a business. The purpose of this article is to remind you of the importance of keeping in touch with customers so, they keep coming back. We must realize that our competitors are trying to take our best customers everyday. If we don’t treat them like Mickey Mantle playing cards, we won’t develop a successful business. Start today and set a plan to contact your top customers ...

Texas Holdem Tournament Strategy - Poker Tournament Betting Basics by Rick Braddy
... This makes it easy to see what's going on, and since a poker odds calculator displays the poker odds right there in front of you while you play, you’ll begin to learn them, making it semi-automatic, so you don't even think about poker odds any more - you just know them. So, the first step is learning and internalizing these “hand odds”. Then, you can quickly calculate pot odds anytime you’d like. Calculating pot odds requires you to pay close attention to the game, a key trait of good poker ...

On Your Way To Making Money With Agloco In Less Than Five Minutes! by Jason Stilwell
... The bigger the community, the more money Agloco makes for its members. When you join Agloco you get your own referral page, so you get the share of money from everyone you get to sign up under you (and from those who sign up under them and so on in 4 levels). Note that you won't receive any money if you don't surf. For example, if you only surf for 2 hours, you will only receive 2 hours worth of your referrals money. Example : Suppose Sam is an AGLOCO member who refers 10 people to AGLOCO.

Pot Odds: When To Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is by Johnny Profit
... are provided to make you a conservative money maker – no relation to Chris (him and Rainer should start a Losers R Us social club). All of the information I provide is not to make your playing experience more fun, it is not to make your poker playing experience more enjoyable. It is simply to make you money and do so on a consistent basis. A real professional takes a hit and gets up dusts himself off and walks back to the table the next day. This profession is definitely not for everybody.

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