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Thursday, March 22, 2018
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Why You Must Have a Great Website! by Jack Martin
... palette, signature photos and other branding elements to create a consistent public presence. Remember your brand is what the customer perceives your brand to be. Your website should include your unique value proposition. Don’t make your website sound like every other boring institutional site. To make a connection with the customer you need to tell them who you are, what you do and why you do it better than your competition. You need to tell them why they need a relationship with you.

Christmas Gift Giving: What You Should Know About Last Minute Gifts by Janice Wee
... The shipping cost of the package alone makes last minute gift giving rather expensive. If you missed the shipping deadlines, the next best bet would to skip the excess shipping costs by sending an online gift certificate. These are electronic gift certificates that you can send by email. No shipping costs or shipping time required. Not as impressive as sending a nice package, but still better than nothing. Another reason why you should do your gift buying preparations in advance is that you ...

Make Money Fast and Easy By Compounding It by Jack Reynolds
... Making money fast and easy seems like a thing to avoid. It is somehow wrong in many peoples eyes to even want to get your money this way, however, it has been my experience that this is just faulty wisdom. Accountants, financial planners and advisors of all kinds prefer to toe this line. Even our grandparents and family betray our dreams by frowning on our desire to search for a legitimate way to make money the fast and easy way. Somehow there is a stigma to people searching for a simple ...

Make Money Fast – How Mr Average Can Make a Million by Sacha Tarkovsky
... Not as long as you may think - just 5 years, as you build your money it works for you and grows exponentially To make money fast you need to increase it consistently and do it with low downside risk, but is this possible? The potential is there for all and all you need is the right investment. The practice of aiming for a million and the vehicle It all sounds good in theory but how do you have the opportunity to make money fast in practice? Howard Hughes knew it, Donald Trump knows it, ...

Dump All That Fat You're Lugging Around! by Mike Cuggy
... Health experts estimate that Americans spend somewhere between $30 billion and $50 billion dollars a year on dieting and that doesn't include; prescription weight loss medications, medically supervised fasting programs, or surgical procedures like stomach stapling. (Neither does it include the billions spent on weight loss at health clubs and fitness centers.) The American Obesity Association reports that 60 million American adults are not just overweight, they're 'clinically obese'.

Excess And Deficiency - The Most Powerful Words You Will Ever Use In Creating A Love Filled Life by Christopher Walker
... The fool tries to fight to cause an excess to sustain itself, but apart from fashion and social trends which make money marketing temporary brand shifts, we are wiser to rise above excess and hold a greater purpose. There is no global warming that will not be followed by global cooling. Those people who are fighting a war against global warming are part of that compensation, they are as much a part of nature as those who are causing the warming. No one is an island.

Compound Interest Doesn't Add Much To Your Wealth by Francis Kier
... If you don’t continually add to your accounts, they can not add up to much; “No big money in = No big money out.” And if you don’t continually accumulate investing skill and knowledge, you won’t be able to keep your money growing faster than inflation is destroying it. Please note that there are no books titled “How To Get Wealthy By Putting Some Money Under A Mattress.” Your money has to be invested and earning interest above the inflation rate or you are getting poorer.

Phone TV DSL Bundled Services & Package Deals by Daymon Hoag
... If you are looking to save money without sacrifice to quality, try bundling your own services. Depending on what is available in your area, you could be getting unlimited local plus long distance phone service, digital television service and broadband Internet for around 60 dollars a month. Just a few minutes of research could literally save you hundreds of dollars a year while still getting top notch products. Specifically speaking, Dish Network now offers satellite TV service for the ...

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