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Tuesday, February 20, 2018
Article written by Jack Reynolds

Make Money Fast and Easy By Compounding It

Making money fast and easy seems like a thing to avoid. It is somehow wrong in many peoples eyes to even want to get your money this way, however, it has been my experience that this is just faulty wisdom. Accountants, financial planners and advisors of all kinds prefer to toe this line. Even our grandparents and family betray our dreams by frowning on our desire to search for a legitimate way to make money the fast and easy way.

Somehow there is a stigma to people searching for a simple way out. The wisdom is to work hard and long hours. To persevere and work your fingers to the bone for your money. Well, how important is money anyway? As long as it is legal and legitimate, then how wrong is it really to make money fast and easy?

Let me tell you about a simple concept I have helped pioneer. The idea is parallel with how the rich make their money. But it can easily be applied to people starting with very little seed capital too.

The first thing you will need is a seed capital account. That is a segregated account that you never draw from or touch except to use for increasing wealth.

$100 is enough to start making money the fast and easy way. The next thing you are going to need is some negotiation skills which you can pick up on the run.

Sit down somewhere quiet with a calculator (or use the free compounding calculator half way down the page on this site http://www.opportunity-investor.com ) and begin compounding your $100 by 100% per month. Now I know 100% per month sounds unobtainable but take my word for it, using a few simple tools it is very easy.

What do you get after 6 months? Just over $6000? Thats not bad. But what will you have in another 6 months? Over $400,000? Thats nearly half a million dollars....

The next 6 months are mind blowing and I will let you calculate those for yourself.

But how? I will tell you this, if you can double your first $100 in 1 month then you can do it again and again. You have a whole month to double that $100 and you don't have to double it in one transaction either.

What if you bought an investment object for $67 and sold it for $112 and it only took you a few days to complete the transaction. What if you bought a bicycle that was in good shape but it was unwanted because the owner was clearing their garage. It was easily worth $180 and you got it for $67 and sold it for only $112. Of course you could find a buyer fairly quickly for this bicycle.

You did 4 roughly similar transactions over the month and you double your money.

You may be wondering how in the humphrey's are you going to make the aforementioned $400,000 buying and selling bicycles. Well you won't. You are going to ramp up your inestment objects to match your current seed capital account. Very quickly you will get into land and then real estate which is where the real compounding is using leverage.

There is much more to this, but making money fast and easy can be done easily by using compounding and strictly following your compounding goals.
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