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Sunday, March 18, 2018
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5 Unique Ways To Get More Free Traffic by Darren Power
... Or why not barter an ad for a mention to your mailing list. A lot of smaller sites have trouble selling their ad space, but these same sites still have respectable traffic flows. #5 - The last free traffic tip is probably the hardest to pull off but also the most regarding. The strategy is to offer something of real value for free. If you use Adwords you no doubt know about Mikes Marketing Tools where you will find a 'keyword wrapper'. Or if you are into natural search engine traffic ...

Did eBay Open the Door for Google? by James Newton
... You see eBay does not allow a seller to offer choice of color or size in a listing, so if you have an item with 3 sizes, and two colors, you have to create 6 listings to sell 1 item. This seller is selling at the basic store. That's $15.00 per month. Each listing cost this seller (at current rate) .02 per month. That is $35.54 per month, plus the basic store price, equals $50.54 per month just to list his items. Now you can't do without a gallery picture, that another .01cents per listing, ...

Versatility Personified - Nokia E65 by Alice Erin
... It has a calendar, note pad, phone book, alarm clock, to do list, calculator, timer, converter, one touch access keys, mute and conference call option, and a hands free speaker. Together they assist in office operations. TheNokia E65phone has a 2 mega pixel camera that can capture still images and video sequences. The Digital Zooming component allows you to include details in the images. Multi Shot concedes the chance to capture multiple shots of the same scene.

Tips For Buying Office Supplies by Niall Roche
... Everyone's lists will look different depending on each individual business so don't expect to have a "standard" shopping list of items. When you go to the store be sure to take all of your lists with you because you never know when you will run into a sale and be able to get some items from your nice to have list at a discount. Remember about some of the little things that you will need. You will want envelopes, and mailing labels to send off invoices and estimates and other correspondence.

Easy and Delicious Menu Planning - Top 10 Free Web Sites by Kathy Ferneau
... on Tyson chicken, beef, and pork products. Along with the usual recipe database, visit the Foodwise Learning Center for tips on food handling safety, buying meat, and meat cooking. Tyson's provides "Five Days of Dinner," a weekly list of menus, each one with full-color photos, nutrition information, cooking instructions, and serving suggestions. Get it e-mailed to you or print in receipe card fashion. With all of these great web sites, you may never need to buy another cook book again!

Website Content for Small Businesses: What Should Be on Your Website by Kelly Biedny
... Collecting Information If the main goal of your site is to grow your mailing list (regular mail and/or e-mail) you have to provide visitors a very good reason to give you their information. Collecting information can be combined with other things, for instance, getting customers to contact you can require getting their information. Also, when you provide information, something like a special report, you may require they provide their e-mail address or other contact information.

Technology Tips To Make Life Easier by Jim Meisenheimer
... Send me all the e-mails you want, and I do try to respond to all of them, just make them positive - even if you want to complain about something. Your life will change forever as soon as you think positive thoughts, use positive words, and do positive things. Now I was saying. I thought I would share some technology tips with you. I hope you find them useful and helpful. When you order a Dell computer and it doesn't work you can ship it back - I oughta know because that's exactly what I did.

Why Does Every Company Need a CRM (Customer Relationship Management)? by Dr Sylvain Desforges
... Probably, but not as efficiently because only a CRM is built to take care of Customer personal needs “centrally”, meaning that by using a single software, all the employees of the same company can access an organised database via Internet, where sales, customer service and management have access to the same customer data using tools such as “Sales Force Automation” (provides Lead Management, Opportunity Management, Account & Contact Management, Reports & Dashboards specifically useful for ...

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