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Wednesday, April 25, 2018
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Buying Low Fat Foods by Glen D. Williams
... You can balance out the higher fat foods (bottom of list) with the lower fat foods (top of list) to come up with an acceptable amount of fat in your diet. That's really all there is to balancing the fats in your daily diet. So, there you have it! The tools to avoid the false health claims, read the nutrition label and balance the fat in your whole diet. You have power to make the right choices in the supermarket so you'll make the right choices at home.

Fattening Foods: Not So Fattening After All? by Nathan Latvitis
... Udo Erasmus, author of one of the most popular books ever about fat, “Fats the Heal, Fats that Kill”, writes in his book, “At levels above 12 to 15% of total calories, healthy fats increase the rate of metabolic reactions in the body and the increased rate burns off more fat into carbon dioxide, water, and energy (heat), resulting in fat burn off and loss of excess weight.” In this article we will discuss what exactly these healthy fats are, where to get them from, easy ways to add them ...

The Diet Demons by Deborah Caruana
... Plus if you want to make any changes in your body composition it will tell you exactly how many calories to eat and give you a break down of a balanced diet including optimal daily intake of protein, fats, and carbohydrate. As a daily resource you can go to (when you log in with basic information they never bother you with emails.) From there you can enter the foods you eat and with each food you enter the site will give you a break down of carbs, fats, and proteins plus nutrients and ...

Using Calories For Weight Loss by Gary Matthews
... as long as the calories consumed don't go over your daily calorie allowance" Counting calories can also be flexible enough to accommodate most busy lifestyles. Some food for thought isn't it; health professionals agree that healthy eating which includes counting calories and a low fat diet are essential for long-term healthy weight loss. The way to lose body fat and maintain muscle is to have a food program for life. Quality food and more energy output are the basics you'll need to go for.

Is A Premium Dog Food Really That Much Better For Your Dog? by Carolyn Schweitzer
... Special Diets There are many reasons why a dog might be put on a special diet. Some dogs are very sensitive to certain ingredients in commercial dog foods. Even if you're feeding her the best of premium dog food , if your dog isn't thriving, it's possible her diet is a problem for her. Owners have resorted to alternative diets -- holistic, raw foods, even kosher -- to optimize their pet's health. Some choose these diets simply because they believe they're better, not because their dog is ...

Seven Crucial Steps for Long Term Weight Loss by John Tiniakos
... “Healthy diets need fat, according to new study”, retrieved 22 June 2005 from 2. “Cereals, legumes, and chronic disease risk reduction: evidence from epidemiologic studies”, retrieved 15 August 2005 from 3. "Contribution of Meals and Snacks to Nutrient Intake of Male and Female Elite Figure Skaters During Peak Competitive Season", retrieved 19 May 2004 from 4. “HOW MUCH WATER DO YOU NEED?”, retrieved 30 August 2005 from 5. “Physical Activity and Psychological Benefits – an ISSP ...