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Sunday, March 18, 2018
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New Year's Resolutions, The "Word" and a Small Business Retreat by Sandra Martini
... Relax and remember that you started your own business to do what you love, to focus on those things that bring you joy and make money to allow you to continue to do the things you enjoy. Keep this in mind as you plan and remember to plan some time for yourself away from the business – we all need this to keep things fresh and exciting! It is critical that you take the time to plan what you want your business to be like. You don’t need to do something just because “you always do it” or ...

Soapmaking Recipes - What Goes Into A Good One? by Lisa Chambers
... One really great lye calculator that is one of my favorites when it comes to sitting down o formulate recipes is the SoapCalc. Exceptions and SuperfattingWhen I first began soapmaking I was a complete and utter butter addict! Cocoa butter, mango butter, shea butter I knew this was some good stuff so I figured the more the better Well that just isn't always the case! I found my soap to be a tad on the drying side, which I didn't expect because of the reputation of these luxury ingredients.

Parents --- Homeschooling Can Take a Lot Less Time Than You Think by Joel Turtel
... If your kids love to read and learn, the Internet provides unlimited resources. Once your children read fluently, you can point them towards your local library or bookstore, supervise their studies, and see where their interests lie. Your job is to introduce your kids to as many different subjects and resources as possible. Have them take art classes at the local YMCA, library, or arts and crafts store. Introduce them to different kinds of music.

10 Small Things To Take On Your International Trip by Fred Tittle
... 9 Note book and pens for writing down stuff that you are going to need to remember like flight times, phone numbers and words you want to learn like thank you, hello and how much, which I usually don’t write down anymore, as I just whip out my calculator. The idea is too have all your data in one place. In China they want the receipts back for everything; you can store them in there as well. I buy the little black books that fit in a shirt pocket and then keep them for after the trips as ...

DIGITAL Casinos by Rohn Engh
... The specialization aspect is one that I have preached for thirty years, “Specialize and you will succeed.” Those that listened thirty years ago have built a deep collection of images, all focused on a few select subject_ones that they love photographing, and that build equity each time they are out photographing. If you’re just starting out as a photographer, forget being all things to all people. Figure out what area of specialization you enjoy the most (education, medicine, auto racing, ...

Can TNA Wrestling Compete with the World Wrestling Entertainment? by Eoghann Irving
... On the one hand we have the impressive Ultimate X match, but on the other there's the overly confusing King of the Mountain match and then we have the X-Cup which sounds good but has a scoring system that only a calculator could love. Another tick in the plus column must be the X Division itself. Primarily a cruiserweight division, TNA has done a good job of re-branding it so that it is presenting something that feels different to other wrestling.

Numerology and Oracles: The Tablets of Fate by Keith Abbott
... (2) books: "Little Giant Encyclopedia of Lucky Numbers" by The Diagram Group (Sterling Publishing 2001), and "Little Giant Encyclopedia of Fortune Telling" by The Diagram Group (Sterling Publishing 1999). These are both still in print, and can be found in your local bookstore. Sadly, two of the "Tablets of Fate" were dropped from the recent Sterling Publishing printings. You can also find a Web page calculator with all of the "Tablets" from the 1940 edition with a little bit of searching.

How to Roll New Business Your Way with Promotional Merchandise by Andrei Smith
... If your target audience is leaders of corporate America, don't give them lottery scratchers or highlighter keychains, don't even give them a calculator, since they have accountants dealing with their numbers. Give them instead a nice writing set for their desks, give them some nice executive accessory that you know they will not be ashamed to display on their mahogany desks. And if you are really on a budget, a nice luggage tag, a passport holder with your company name, logo and address, or ...

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