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Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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Making the Most of Your Hair Salon Visit by Adeea Rogers
... However, I now love my time under the hair dryer and entire salon experience. In fact, I am writing this as I sit under the dryer, listening to my iPod. Donít think Iím weird or that the heat is making me delirious. But my 3 hours at the hair salon are some of the most meaningful time in my week. Iíve mastered how to best make use of a potential time waster. Iíve seen my fair share of frustrated, bored and impatient people in the hair salon. Honestly, Iíve been that person too.

Write Articles That Convert In 10 Minutes Flat by Michael Hole
... People love reading compelling stories because they know they can usually relate to it. Just remember a time you got excited about something and told a friend how much you enjoyed it. You can apply that same experience to article writing. The advantage here is that you donít have to do much, if any, research. By combining these 5 steps along with a healthy dose of persistence, youíll be able to break through the barrier of newbie writer. Writing articles will become second nature to you and ...

Pa-Kua Feng Shui Basics by Steven M. Ng
... You would focus on this direction if you have troubled relationships and would like to improve your love life and/or your marriage. Fu Wei (Stability) - This direction is your stability and knowledge direction. You would focus on this direction if you want to achieve tranquility and knowledge. Ho Hai (Mishaps) - The first negative Pa-Kua direction is your accident or misfortune direction. You would focus on this direction if you want to reduce unforeseen accidents or loss.

In Direct Sales- Your Summer Preparation Checklist by Jane Deuber
... * I carry a calculator so I can process paperwork or close a show. * I make return calls to team members who call me with questions. * I use my cell to make ďfeel good callsĒ to potential team members. * I follow-up on customer inquiries regarding product details or availability. * I turn on a classical music station and write heart-felt thank you notes to customers and hostesses. * I check in with future hostesses to see if they have any questions and give them encouragement.

That New Car Smell - Tales from the Darkside in Austin, Texas by Frank Bellucci
... They make my calculatorís head hurt. I have to go to the dealer where they have the SuperCalc 5000 leasing computer, which always informs me that my true price will be $100 or $200 higher per month! Thatís especially true after I order the Soft Serve ice cream maker option and the Daffodil Lilac scented lambskin covers. I havenít bought a new car in almost ten years and my cars still run like new. Ok, I do have a shop full of car experts who take care of them, but the reality is I still ...

Use Spices To Cook Like A Connoisseur On A Paupers Budget! by Beth Scott
... Bring a calculator to the store and be prepared to do a little brain work to figure it out. Another money saving trick is to substitute ground turkey for ground beef in recipes. Here you might prefer the taste of beef but in terms of the money you save it will certainly taste heavenly to your budget. You can spice up bland omelets, scrambled eggs, soups, meat patties and more with the correct spices, and herbs. Here is a recipe for deliciously spicy eggs, that wonít dent your wallet: For ...

The Stock Exchange - A Beginners Guide by Stuart Langridge
... Investing is graphs, moving averages, annual reports, company statements, calculators and work. Not so sexy. It's kind of like being an accountant but with marginally more life and a few graphs. But the great thing about investment is that in the long run, you decide whether you'll be successful or not. The harder you work at it, the luckier you will be. If you are just starting out, think about YOU first, not the market or companies. Decide on what you want to specialise on, whether the ...

Finding a Mall Parking Spot Using Mathematics - Part I by Joe Pagano
... Being a mall rat largely because of my wifeís intense love of such locale, I had many opportunities to drop her off in front and then begin the process of ďsearch and destroy,Ē or more simply put, to wait for parking spots. Being a fan of the two mathematical disciplines of probability and statistics, I decided to see whether using some basic facts within these two areas could help me solve the problem. Thus sitting by the mall waiting for an open spot (mind you the times we would go to the ...

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