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Sunday, March 18, 2018
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Power and Your PC by Jason Kohrs
... In addition to checking out the total wattage of a power supply, looking for strong amperage ratings on the 3.3V, 5V, and 12V lines is also recommended, as power supplies with identical total power ratings may distribute the power to the various lines in different quantities. Power supplies come in a few different physical sizes, but the most common are designed to fit the standard ATX and micro ATX (mATX) form factor cases. A typical ATX power supply, such as this Echo-Star 680W unit, ...

The 3-A-Day Dairy Diet – Another Diet Fad Flop by Alisa Fleming
... Let’s take a food already synonymous with several Western societies, the ones with the highest obesity rates in the world, and convince people that it’s the key to weight loss. Brilliant marketing scheme! Just one minor flaw, they forgot to take into account common sense. If you confront the people who have gleefully taken on the new “3-A-Day of Dairy - Burn More Fat, Lose Weight" plan, you will find that most haven’t seen an ounce of weight loss, and some have even gained a few pounds.

A Small Business Approach To Computer Downtime by Aidan McDermott
... Then just sit back and watch as our remote technician controls your mouse and keyboard to diagnose and fix your computer problems or to demonstrate how to use or configure common applications.” The hourly rate for remote support usually falls somewhere between that of local drop off and onsite service rates, while the downtime is reduced to an average of two hours per incident as a result of not having to wait for service. However, not all issues can be resolved remotely.

What is Your Healthy Body Weight by Kim Beardsmore
... your risk of other health related problems - improve self confidence and self esteem - make it easier to be physically active. If you are obese or overweight…try not to gain additional weight. This will help you in years to come as people tend to increase weight with age. Better still look after your body and follow a healthy lifestyle incorporating a nutritious, delicious, health enhancing weight loss program. Just by losing 10 pounds you can significantly improve your overall health.

A Foolproof Fat Loss Diet That Will Work For Everybody by Rusty Moore
... You Need To Know How Many Calories You Burn to Set Up Your Fat Loss DietYour Basic Metabolic Rate, or BMR, is how many calories you burn each day just by being alive. This doesn't include calories burned by activities. A rough estimate of BMR is simply your body weight multiplied by 10. Knowing this number is crucial in setting up a great fat loss diet. If you want to know a much more accurate number do a Google search for "BMR calculator". How Many Calories to Consume on Your Fat Loss Diet.

Walking For Weight Loss-How To Lose Body Fat By Walking by Katie Johnson
... When walking for weight loss, don't take more than 1 to 2 days off a week. How fast should you walk? When walking for weight loss each day, you should first walk at an easy warm-up pace for about 5-10 minutes. To achieve better results, build up both speed as well as duration. Walk at a fast pace but not so fast that you cannot carry on a conversation in full sentences. Walking with race-walk style is recommended if you're already walking for 20 or more miles a week.

Understanding Your Heart Rate by Zach Bashore
... A person`s heart rate in an exact measurement can and will determine one`s fat loss progress. With physical activity, the heart rate increases to supply the muscles with more oxygen so that the body produces more energy. The heart can beat up to two-hundred times per minute and the brain controls this rate by sending nerve signals to the heart. The rate in which a person`s heart beats depends on intensity of exercise, activity levels, and genetics.

Are Weight Loss Supplements Right For You? by Tom Worsley
... Weight loss supplements actually regulate your blood sugar level, this helps you overcome severe sugar and carbohydrate cravings that sabotage even the most strong-willed weight loss efforts. So are weight loss nutrition supplements right for you? When my wife lost 40 pounds using supplements she felt great. She was happy and gained allot of self esteem back. Not to mention that she had allot more energy. If you have a hectic schedule and cannot find enough time in the day to prepare proper ...

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