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Friday, April 27, 2018
Article written by Jakob Culver

Lose Weight with 10,000 Steps A Day

In a quest to burn the extra calories, walking seems to be the easiest way. Experts have revealed that walking 10,000 steps a day can help you drop those unwanted pounds faster than just about any other method of weight loss. Not only that walking will also help you keep the weight off for a longer period of time as it builds your muscles while keeping your heart at a fat-burning rate. Quick facts about walking 10,000 steps

Use a Pedometer: For counting the number of steps that you have covered the best approach is to have a pedometer which can help you easily keep track of the distance you have covered throughout your day as well as the number of steps that you have taken. (A pedometer is a small box-shaped calculator that you can clip to your belt or pants pocket in the same way you would wear a beeper.) While purchasing for a pedometer, doubly ensure that you select a model that has both distance and well as individual step readings. This will be helpful for you to learn how many steps go into one mile.

You can increase steps to your count choosing the stairs over the elevator or walking to your colleague's desk rather than sending an email.

Calculate the Time it takes: Using either you pedometer or a counting method, calculate the approximate time it takes for you to traverse a specific distance, such as a mile. Calculate this number several times on several different days and average the figures together. You will then be able to determine approximately how long it will take you to walk a portion of your steps if you choose to spend a set amount of time walking them off. For example, if you know that you can walk all 10,000 steps in an hour, then you can elect to dedicate an hour everyday to walking your steps. But if spending 1 hr is not sufficient then break then you can add up increments of ten minutes at a time until you reach your goal.

To break the monotony select two-three routes to follow, and do the measurement a Route Measure a route based on the time and distances it takes you to walk your 10,000 steps. Go for a long route for days when you have a surfeit of energy, a short route for days when you are tired, and a mid-length route for days when you are energized but busy.
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