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Monday, February 19, 2018
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Purchasing Real Estate In Israel - Costing & Value, Gardens, Roofs & Caveats (Part Two) by Ted Gross
... Some Specific Caveats In Israel rooms are counted as the number of bedrooms and then the Living Room, Salon etc. Most apartments unless they are large and built in according to specific plans do not have a Living Room and separate Dining Room. So if an apartment has 2 Bedrooms and a Salon it is a 3 room apartment. (Of course if it has a separate room for a Living Room and Dining Room it would be a 4 room apartment.) The kitchen etc. are not included in the number of rooms.

Is It Really Progress by Fran Watson
... Technology has improved our lives in many ways, but it has also been damaging to our way of life. People who have gone from dial-up to high speed forget how grateful they were to even have dial-up when they started working on their computers. Now, should their high speed be down for a day or two, they complain bitterly about having to wait. And those who never had anything but high speed think that those of us who have it are like the dinosaurs extinct.

Standardize Your Processes to Produce Best Results by Donald Bryant
... Instead of building adjacent rooms so that the bathrooms would be back to back to save plumbing costs, each room was designed so that each room will be exactly the same with bathrooms all on the same side. Why? This will prevent errors and in the long run save money for the hospital. It is best if you can measure standardization. The best tool to measure standardization in statistics is variance or standard deviation. I am sure many of you have encountered this measure, but probably ...

Operative Poker Calculators and Why Mr. Big Poker Site Doesn't Want You to Have One by Marty Smith
... Well imagine if you were waiting in line for a table at your favorite live poker room and finally got to take a seat from a player who had been there for 8 straight hours and decided to move to the table next to the one you just sat at. When you both sat down, your backs were to each other but just inches away. (Another crowded live poker room!) A couple of hands in, you are heads up against another player where you both had raised the stakes up until the river, at which point he throws out ...

Paying the Bills Truly CAN Be Painless by Rebecca Hanson
... to live here. Now I look forward to the privilege of Spending Money! Each week I perform this ritual with such joy that by the time I've balanced four checking accounts, written a dozen or so checks, photocopied statements, stapled receipts, addressed and stamped all the envelopes, I am HIGH! I LOVE Spending Money! The next time you begin the ritual of Paying the Bills, just try and NOT think of what you are doing as Spending Money! Now that you know it's possible to have fun Spending Money!

Log On For Health - Creating an Online Health Resource by Madison Lockwood
... In other words, striving to live well is a way of life. These days, new medicines and break-through treatments are on the news all the time, and popular diets and exercise fads come and go faster than you can say "Weight Watchers." Let's face it. Despite our desire to stay healthy and in shape, it is getting harder to keep all the information straight and to make smart decisions. Therefore, more and more people are turning to health related websites.

How To Organize An ADHD Child by Kayla Fay
... Get a daytimer, a PDF, or something, and keep your life organized. If you have ADHD tendencies as well, visit flylady.net, or grab one of the many books available on being ADHD and organized. 7. Think out of the box. Why are underwear stored in the bedroom? To me, it makes more sense that underwear be stored in the bathroom. If you have a place near your door for shoes, store socks there. Keep a small box of school supplies in your car. Go through the arrangements in your house, and see if ...

Finding Your Dream Home by Tara Jacobsen
... ways to find out what home prices are like where you want to live. You can drive the area and pick up flyers that will give you an idea of what home prices are like, search the internet for homes in your price range, or if you choose to get professional help, utilize tools like a Flash report to tell you when a new home in your price range comes on the market. Now that you know what you want, how much you can afford and where you would like to live, you are ready to start looking at homes.

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