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Sunday, March 18, 2018
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Back to School Savings by Cheryl Johnson
... I usually add new outfits throughout the year as my budget allows and always include some new clothing in the Christmas gift list for each child. Of course, I prepare early on, catching all the sales and scanning all the clearance racks. Many times, I will purchase school clothing many months ahead of time when the winter inventory goes on clearance at the stores. If you do this, remember to allow for growth by the time they are to be worn. I'm pretty good at guestimating future sizes.

Back to School Savings: Six Ways to Save Money During Back-to-school Time by Jamie Jefferson
... Take a specific list for school supplies to the discount store or office supplies store. Watch the Sunday circulars and plan to find all of these essential school supplies in a single trip - while they are on sale. Make sure to stick to the official supplies list provided by the school. Then shop online (or comparison shop offline) for other items you might need, such as clothes and shoes. 2. Don’t spend too much on back-to-school clothes before school begins.

Did eBay Open the Door for Google? by James Newton
... Bill says that the store listing cost them 50% more than core listings. I am surprised to see this move on the heels of Google anouncing their own Google Checkout. An answer to Pay Pal. Of course, eBay was quick to ban Google Checkout. That means Google may have to launch an auction site, so will we have a place to use Google checkout? Froogle was not exactly a raging success. Then again, no one had any reason to leave eBay. They may, now. Let's take a look at an eBay store.

Getting Your Children Ready for School by Chick Moorman
... Turn off the television and video games and have a set time for the whole family to feed their brain. In fact, model learning year round, even through the summer months. This will set the stage for homework. A study time can be a logical extension of the learning time you have in your home. Give your kids every opportunity to be ready for school this year. Head to the mall or department store with your list of needed items, and remember to add to your list the suggestions above.

5 Tips To Keep Visitors Glued To Your Website by Yaro Starak
... Average visitor length doesn't refer to how tall a person visiting your site is (but wouldn't it be cool if browsers did capture that sort of info - the clothing stores would have a field day!), it refers to how long people stay when they visit your website. Sadly many webmasters find that their visitors usually hang around for about 30 seconds and then click away never to be seen again. One of your primary goals is to increase your average website visitor length so browsers hang around ...

Could Your Area Support Another Local Newspaper? by Jim Sutton
... Visit briefly with barbershops, pet stores, cafes, repair shops, appliance stores, tax services, attorneys, clothing stores — all kinds of businesses. Stop in and ask business owners and managers about their advertising methods, their needs for new sales and new customers. Ask them how a publication might better serve the community and marketplace. Next, go through the phone book’s Yellow Pages for your area. Take a look at every business category in the book.

Weight Loss: FAQ by Adam Waxler
... If your clothing is feeling looser, you're doing great. 7. Do I really have to exercise? YES! The truth is it will be a lot harder to lose weight if you do not exercise. A half hour of moderate exercise daily is the minimum activity level for healthy weight loss. You can get it walking, running, cleaning your house - anything active burns calories. 8. What's a calorie? A calorie is a measure of energy. Foods are rated with calories based on the amount of energy they provide to the body when ...

Weight Loss: FAQ by Goran Maksic
... If your clothing is consciousness looser, you're handiwork gigantic. 7. Do I really have to exercise? YES! The legitimacy is it last wishes come to pass a lot harder to lose weight if you discharge not use. A section hour of moderate exercise daily is the minimum exertion smooth for hardy weight loss. You can get it walking, together, cleaning your homestead - anything in force burns calories. 8. What's a calorie? A calorie is a measure of energy.

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