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Saturday, March 17, 2018
Article written by Sean Mize

List Building for Niche Markets

List building is such an incredible tool in internet marketing, and I think that the primary people to have made money in the last few years with list building has been the internet marketers. I think that is okay, but I think that for the average niche marketer, that there is a huge amount of untapped potential in list building for niche markets.

Think about yourself. I imagine if you are reading this that you have a niche web site. You are a niche marketer. Now you may think that you are just a small player. You work this internet thing as a hobby and donít make much money at it; maybe you donít even care if you make any money at it at all.

That is okay. But think about this. Maybe you have this niche market web site that gets 25 visitors per day. You may not think that is much, and you cannot imagine how you can make any money with that. But get out the calculator and do the math. Better yet, let me do it for you. 25 times 365 equals 9125 visitors over the year. Now imagine if only one third of those visitors became subscribers of your newsletter, became opt in subscribers on your list. That would be 3041 subscribers on your list, and all you would have to do is subscribe them to your list Ė you would not have to do anything crazy with traffic to do that. Now I am sure you have seen reports of people making between 50 cents and one dollar per subscriber per month Ė I will let you do the math on that. And that is will the current level of visitors that you have to your web site! I challenge you to think about list building for your niche market!
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