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Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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How Google Page Rank Works by Lawrence Andrews
... They have started filter out links from known Ďlink farmsí (sites that are nothing but big lists of links), and being linked to or from these kinds of sites will get you penalized by Google. Be careful out there. They have also implemented a new relevance calculator that (true to its name) tries to determine how relevant the links into and out of your site are. The most important factor here is that Google considers long lasting links as more meaningful than a recently published link.

Does Your Site Have Link Value? by Ken McGaffin
... functions or microsites on the lines of the examples we gave earlier. To carry these off effectively takes a reasonable investment in time and money but the long-term rewards in increased profile and increased traffic to your site will be well worth it. By understanding and building the link value of your site, you'll find that the success rates of your linking requests will increase and that other sites will link to you without being asked. That will really bring value to your business.

Google Page Rank Explained by Michael Lawrence
... Automated or Hosted Link Exchanges - sites that offer to provide "hundreds" of back links to your site instantly. Generally you will have to install some html code on your website to display their directory and in return anyone else who has this code installed on their website will be displaying your link. This is a case where "if it sounds too good to be true it is". The search engine's are wise to this technique and watch for unnatural "spikes" in the number of backlinks pointing to a ...

Home Business Tax And Start Up Tips by James Mack
... On the SBAs site, you will find a calculator to show you just how much start up capital you will need, how to create a winning business plan, how to keep your books, free downloads of software, how to file taxes and for tax information, tips on running a business, tips on business set up, and links to other great sites that can help you find just the right specific online business training that you might need to get on your feet without shelling out a mint.

5 Unique Ways To Get More Free Traffic by Darren Power
... #3 - Get your site mentioned in mailings from complimentary sites in return for you mentioning theirs. You're going to need a list for this. But assuming you have one why not contact other site owners with a list and ask them to mention your site in their next mailing. In return you mention their site in your next mail. This doesn't have to be a heavy sell, just a mention of a friends site. At worst this strategy will put your site url in front of a lot of people who may not have heard ...

A Guide to Website Promotion -- Part Two by Scott Lindsay
... this will do you no good, as people who get paid to read emails donít really care about your message, but just click on the links to get a commission per click. Up to now youíve learned the importance of search engine strategies, how to develop a solid linking strategy, how the traditional media tools boost site popularity and what email strategies work best to promote your website. In the third and last part of this short guide, we will show you how to use paid advertising effectively.

Quick and Easy Steps To Build Your Website's Revenue by Mark Nenadic
... To be able to properly gear your site to send people through your links, you will need to know your demographic. Of course, we canít all afford to do extensive demographic studies, however there are some things that you can do to become familiar with who your primary market includes. You can study what your successful competition is doing, and who they are gearing their marketing toward. You can also offer free newsletters or other free features through registration where certain general ...

Measuring the Difficulty and Merit of SE Positioning Results by John Tello
... Internal links are another pricing factor, because linking usually goes together with complexity. If we need to make a SEO quote we also assess the current SEO status, because is easier to work with a new site, where any result will be welcome, than optimizing an established website, with decent PageRank, many incoming links and a structure that needs to be respected to avoid loss of existing traffic. It is also likely that someone had started doing SEO work, and the obvious steps are ...

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