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Tuesday, February 20, 2018
Article written by Alice Erin

LG Shine - The Fashion Hallmark

After the phenomenal success of LG chocolate, the market waited with anticipation for LG's next masterpiece. Sure there were also speculations that if LG has become complacent with its fame. But LG soon launched its LG Shine and made yet another stupendous impact on the market. LG shine has been exclusively designed to hit the fashion conscious crowd. The crowd that has a refined sense of aesthetics, class and glamour. But beyond beauty, LG shine is also a feature rich mobile.

LG shine is called so because it is encased in a stainless steel casing that is highly reflective. Moreover, the large 2.2 inch screen of LG Shine gives a mirror finish look. The contours of the mobile are smooth and the finish almost impeccable. So, when LG shine is in a closed position, it feels that the handset is almost a jewel. Only when LG shine is activated and the lights are emitted, one realises that there remains an actual screen beneath.

This slider phone has a checkerboard keypad. The keys are large and well separated. The influence of which has been taken from Motorola's RAZR range, Samsung D900 and LG chocolate. Thus, typing and operating becomes really easy with such well defined keypad.

LG Shine also helps you capture the most memorable experiences of your life. There is a 2 Megapixels camera with auto focus, flash and a range of filters. There are also options for editing, storing and sharing pictures.

On the music front, LG Shine does pretty well too. There is a quality music player that plays more than just Mp3s. It handles AAC and AAC+ too. Further, the powerful battery of LG shine provides you as much as six hours of music.

Other features include PhotoID, Bluetooth, document viewers for Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint and PDF, Web and WAP browsing, mobile email, calendar, calculator, memo, stopwatch and unit converter and a USB mass storage mode for file transfer and a PC connection cable in the box.

Thus, with LG shine, LG has taken design and evolution of its original handset to a new level. And now the market is waiting what is the next design icon LG is going to launch.

LG Shine
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