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Wednesday, March 21, 2018
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Attorney Fees - Part 4 - Other Legal Fees by Steve Dimeck
... In addition to your attorney fees, you may be required to pay some or all of these extra expenses or otherwise referred to as legal fees: - Filing fees, - Per page or flat fee for word processing, photocopying and fax, - Secretarial time, - Overtime, - Telephone charges, - Courier, postage, and overnight delivery charges, - Reporter charges for recording testimony and providing a written script of the same, - Court fees and other court costs, - Lawyer travel expanses, including ...

Insurance - Don't Let Health Care Hijack Your Retirement by Jeffery Voudrie
... Another way to manage your health care costs is to slash the costs of your prescriptions. Medicare recipients are eligible for a Medicare Approved Prescription Discount Card through the end of 2005. You can check out all the details at Many find that ordering drugs through the mail offers them greater savings and convenience, especially when ordering from Canadian pharmacies. In fact, several states, including Illinois, New Hampshire and Wisconsin have taken active steps to make ordering ...

Purchasing Real Estate In Israel - Costing & Value, Gardens, Roofs & Caveats (Part Two) by Ted Gross
... If you buy an apartment for $350,000 and end up gutting it and redoing it for a cost of $46,000 then the apartment cost you $396,000 or $4,125 per meter. That is a big difference between meter cost in what you thought you bought and what you will have in your hands when you are through. Can you resell that property for $4,125 per meter or better? Will you loose money? Of course, you may not really care. You want this specific property and that is that.

Family Life Insurance Companies by Steve Valentino
... determine how much life insurance you need by providing worksheets and calculators for you to work with. They will also offer you options regarding costs, eligibility, renewability, limitations, and exclusions and underwriting information. Life insurance protects those who depend on your paycheck -- your wife, children and quite possibly, your parents. If you die prematurely, life insurance can provide ongoing income to your dependents, until they are able to live comfortably without it.

Guide To Reducing The Cost Of Divorce by Lee Rosen
... This can be a mistake though; spending some time analyzing your case from a logical, cost-benefit perspective can pay dividends. Keep your eye on the ball and stay focused on getting the divorce finished so you can move on with your life. It is not uncommon for divorcing people to do things like spend $500 to get a $100 microwave oven. Donít do it. If you canít see a clear connection between your actions and achieving a final resolution of your case, then donít take that action.

3 Ways to Increase Conversion Rates by Nick Usborne
... Too often they are found in the small print somewhere, qualified with all sorts of legal nonsense. If you want to make your prospects and buyers feel secure, make the guarantee bold. Say it loud. Have it jump out at people. Let them know that they are protected if they choose to buy. These are just three of the ways direct marketers try to increase conversion rates. They keep people reading with a strong promise, an attractive offer and a cast-iron guarantee.

Starting a Cleaning Business and Successfully Growing It by Walt Gibson
... To help small businesses overcome this, the Small Business Administration (sba.gov) in cooperation with multiple Federal agencies developed BusinessLaw.gov, an online resource designed to provide legal and regulatory information. Topics covered on this site range from choosing a business structure to hiring an attorney. The site also provides links to federal, state and local agencies. Employment Law: - This guide describes the statutes and regulations administered by the Department of ...

History of World / Regional Search Engines and Directories by Julie Wartes
... As Professor Krishnamurthy stated in class, the amount of content available on the internet has grown exponentially in recent years and as it grows peopleís search cost will increase unless search technology improves (38). Throughout the world, internet users are provided with various search engines that offer different features depending on their user needs. The fulfillment of these needs result in the success of search engines around the world.