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Tuesday, April 24, 2018
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Make Your Own Snag-Free Sinkers (Slinky Sinkers) by M. Becatti
... I am sure once I start doing this more, I will get quicker. Things I would do different. Use a larger size of split-shot - BB was just too small. A 1 oz sinker would have been over 9 inches long. Larger diameter rope- The boot laces worked great for size BB split-shot, but I would need something bigger if I went to a larger size. Smaller snap-swivel - I think I could have gotten by with size 5 instead of size 3. Use lead (shotgun) shot instead of split shot.

Technique of Watercolor Painting WC04 TOOLS by John Blenkin
... A Stanley knife - compasses and dividers - beam compass – a surgeon's knife - chrome edge-of-paper holders – a clock – a calculator and a diary. Buy obtain or collect each of these as needed as needed to reflect your own work. For this variety of tools it is prudent to keep them properly stored. When it is necessary to work out of doors take everything with you. You never know what you will need to solve some on the spot problem. In this way time and effort will not be wasted and partially ...

How To Organize An ADHD Child by Kayla Fay
... (Especially that pocket knife) Have your child put the items in the container the moment they walk in the door. This will eliminate those last minute, "I can't find my jersey" moments of panic. 10. Use electronics. As much as your school will allow, let your child use electronics. PDA's, electronic dictionaries, smart phones - they are all great. Truth be told, they were probably invented by people with ADHD. Life is never totally organized. And life with ADHD is even less so.

African Safari Gear Packing List - What To Take Along by Bruce Whittaker
... Band aids and moleskin Pocket knife (Swiss/Leatherman type) Small scissors, if not on your Leatherman/Swiss knife Small unbreakable mirror Plastic bags (wet washing/muddy shoes/organise clothes in suitcase) Book to read between game viewing and other leisure time String/rope (washing line, tying sleeping bag, multitude of uses!!) Cold/flu tablets Allergy remedy Some people take a basic antibiotic in case Prescribed medicine (enough to last your trip)SAFARI LUGGAGEThe thing to ...

The Only Review You'll Ever Need of Blade: The Series (Part 1 of 5) by Larry D. Yablow
... Last but not least, Spike TV has the character "Blade." Starting from a safe position of being "about knives and stuff," the Spike Staff decided that the character made almost famous by Wesley Snipes is in bad need of "fine tuning" to make him more compatible with today’s modern audience and demographics. After getting a price quote for what it would cost to hire Mr. Snipes on a weekly basis they decide to go for the next best thing: Jaleel White.

Are You An Investment Dummy Like Me? by Jack Humphrey
... This is no small feat. I feel most people who are like me are conservative with their investing, and don't become active in the management of their investments, because we much prefer the relative piece of mind we get from letting a "professional" handle the decisions. Now that I feel more comfortable in the knowledge I have gained from this easy to understand yet incredibly powerful source of investment and wealth buidling knowledge, I have no doubt my investment future is much brighter ...

History of the Computer - Computers and Technology by Michael Cooper
... This resulted in newer components and smaller sized computers. The use and operation of computers had developed into a form that people of average intelligence could handle and manipulate without to much ado. When the economies of other nations started to compete with the United States, the computer industry expanded at a great rate. Prices dropped dramatically and computers became more affordable to the average household. Like the invention of the wheel, the computer is here to stay.The ...