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Sunday, March 18, 2018
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History of Beading by Tracy Stillman
... Still, the Egyptians made not only bead manufacturing into an art form but left a profound legacy to jewelry making. Today their ancient beaded treasures are some of the most admired and beautiful in existence. They also discovered the processes used to make colored glass beads and created intricate, colorful designs, often combining these with beads made from precious and semi-precious gemstones and rare elements such as silver and gold. Such was the demand for beautiful beads that they ...

Easy and Effective - Creating a Comprehensive Marketing Plan for Your Home Business by Patrysha Korchinski
... She makes a note to call her friend that makes candles, another who creates gift baskets and ask them if they’ll consider doing a joint ad. She assumes they will and takes $56.00 off her marketing budget. She notes that there is an online expo that runs a “Love is in the Air” expo on February 4th. It’s cutting it tight for creation and delivery, but decides she’s willing to work extra hard if necessary to complete orders that may come in from the event.

The Jewelry Drawer by Helen Brown
... Whoever made me imagine dark brown lipstick is fabulous? Some of those girls who work behind beauty counters should be arrested. Scrabbling at the bottom of the drawer I discover - 6) A baby’s tooth. My spine turns to Playdoh as I hold the tiny pearl in my palm. My jewellery drawer must’ve doubled as the tooth fairy’s stash. There are two more teeth in the drawer, too precious to throw out but not pretty enough to be turned into earrings. Other things are easier to toss - 7) A rusted key, ...

Corporate Gift Ideas by Amit Kumar
... goodies for the entire family Corporate gifts are the company’s way of telling its employees that their services are appreciated. It conveys to the employees that the company cares for them and takes time out to look into their needs. To the customers and clients, corporate gifts deliver a message of efficiency and thoughtfulness of the company. By looking at the quality of the corporate gifts, clients often make estimates of the company’s standard of work and its position in the market.

Give A Gift Basket by Charles Kassotis
... Tuck in a romance novel or titillating biography, a commercial video that will make her laugh (since laughter promotes the healing process), a word puzzle book, hair jewelry, scented hand cream, and a small box of gourmet chocolates. When the word gets out that you like to give these meaningful presents, people will line up to get on your good side. So put in your first order today and see how it turns out.