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Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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Green Travel – Making Better Environmental Travel Choices by Susanne Pacher
... A "carbon offset" is actually an investment in a project or action with the goal of eliminating greenhouse gas emissions. Offset projects come in many varieties and may include tree planting or reforestation, building retrofits (i.e. installing more efficient heating/cooling systems) or wind power projects. According to the Better World Club's website, this is the way it works: you can book a flight through Better World Travel - Members and get a free carbon offset for their US domestic ...

Evaluating Stocks: Fundamentals and Technical Analysis by Ray Johns
... The art of technical analysis -- for it is an art -- is to identify trend changes at an early stage and to maintain an investment posture until the weight of the evidence indicates that the trend has reversed." Technical Analysis is nothing new. It has been used in one form or another for as long as stocks have been traded. In fact, the star character in one of my all time favorite books ("How I made $2,000,000 dollars in the stock market" by Nicholas Darvas) used mainly Technical Analysis ...

Methods of Website Promotion by Michael Medeiros
... For example, adding a, “Calculator,” to a Website probably will not gain much attention. However, anything that may be important to the public needs to be announced. If it can be added to the budget, outsource public relations efforts. PR companies have knowledge of what the media likes and contacts that make them valuable. PR specialists can be found in almost every City. Ezine Articles - Provide Rich ContentWriting articles is a powerful promotion tool.

Easy and Effective - Creating a Comprehensive Marketing Plan for Your Home Business by Patrysha Korchinski
... If you are a paper planner you will need: A notepad A calculator A calendar A pen A pencil Highlighters Post It Notes *Easy Access to past and present business records Working near the computer (if you keep your records online) or filing cabinet will ensure you can keep working. If your records are all over the place, take the time to gather them in one place even if they aren’t organized. You may have to do additional calculations to make the marketing plan effective, but at least you ...

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