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Sunday, February 18, 2018
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Broadband Tools To Measure System Performance And More by Michael Lemm
... * SG Speed Test A quick download speed test to estimate your connection speed at the time. * SG Network Tools The SG Network tools section includes many common network tools such as PING, TRACEROUTE, WHOIS, etc. * SG Bits/Bytes Conversion Calculator The Bits/Bytes calculator is a useful tool for quickly converting bits/bytes, etc. It takes into consideration the different conventons while calculating data communication rates and storage space.

Smartphones Becoming A Reality by Jay Mark
... Your computer with a High Speed Internet Connection, coupled with speakers and a microphone, and speakers can be used for unlimited pc-to-pc calls worldwide. Skype became one of the earliest Instant Messengers to offer free VoIP pc-to-pc calls. Skype is now making headlines again as it launches the Skype integrated VoIP Smartphone. VoIP has become universally accepted and consumers far and wide are opting for the freedom, flexibility, and cost savings obtained by switching to VoIP.

The 5 Best Cell Phones on the Market by Bradley James
... Push-to-Send Contacts2 - allows users to easily share another user’s contact information via the PTT button Media Downloader application – available for download from the Internet, this free application allows users to transfer photos and videos from their phone to their PC via a USB cable (not included) 25 MB of memory available to end users - for ring tones, voice recordings, videos, pictures, messages, wallpaper designs, and Java™ applications MP3 ring tones - including music and ...

Mobile Phones Multitasking Gadgets by Martin Dev
... There are models offering chances to get instant internet connection, send and access e-mails, video calls and instant messaging. Some models steps even further and accomplished till untamed territory of GPS connectivity. These models aid the user to get information on location of specific interest. For business professionals, there are mobiles that come complete with Power Point slide presentation capability. There are models that are equipped with softwares to perform text documentation ...

Two Get Very High Part One by Gary Mortimer
... The tracking system required a relay station connected to an always on internet connection. It would also help if that was at a high spot. Andrew at the Antbear B&B in the hills above Estcourt helped with that. Rather annoyingly all the equipment worked at home and as soon as it was moved fell over. That meant that for the practice the only recording we would have would be from the following vehicle. Unfortunately the weather didn’t play ball. The Saturday morning was forecast windy with rain.