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Sunday, March 18, 2018
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Internet Banking Could Help With Your Tax Retuns by John Gibb
... While many banks (especially Internet-only banks) are good about this and offer an easy download link to save your online statements onto your computer, others offer only a very basic Internet banking service. If your bank doesn’t produce export files, you may have luck with asking your software to access your Internet banking account directly, giving it your username and password (it goes without saying that you shouldn’t give these details to any software you don’t completely trust).

How To Balance Your Checkbook Instantly! by Valerie Mills
... Most internet banks allow you to isolate transactions between certain dates. Use this feature – it cuts down on the number of transactions to review. 5. Recent studies shows that 12% of identity theft occurs online. If you are afraid of accessing your bank transactions online because of identity theft, don’t do it. Stick with the paper statement balancing routine. 6. Instant Balancing works best when your checkbook is up to date. It will instantly become Frustrated Balancing if you left out ...

Show Me The Money! by Paul Taylor
... Utilities such as electricity, water, and phone; also an internet connection and mobile phone should be considered. There may be other costs that can be associated with start-up that are not listed here. This is only designed to get you to think about what it really costs to open a business. Many start-up costs are one time costs such as a deposit on a utility connection or having a sign designed and placed on the building or marquee. However, many are recurring such as insurance premiums ...

An Accountant Supply List by Rebecca Game
... - Does it have internet connectivity so you can bank online? - Is it integrated with other software that you often use, such as Microsoft Office? - Is it able to convert data from other accounting programs or databases? In other words, will the accounting software be able to meet all of your needs, now and in the future? - Does it work easily with tax forms and configurations? If you anticipate your business to grow and include other staff accountants, consider these additional questions as ...

Photos Are Words by Rohn Engh
... the recent past), 600,000 images, was bought for $3.83 per image. If you figure $2.53 average per average image, with your own collection of, say, 100,000 edited and keyworded images, the math says these ‘remainder’ images could be bought for $253,000. The images in your present-day editorial files may not sell briskly immediately, but your images have a good chance of selling in the future when they are included collectively on the new largest-in-the-world database of photos, the Internet.

Save for Retirement by Martin Lukac
... Set up an IRA plan with your bank investing your money to it for retirement as well. You can have a portion or all of your income tax rolled over to your IRA plan each year. Your interest that you earn can be rolled over here as well to earn more interest. Retirement plans can earn you money to make more money. You can get advice from your local investors to find the best plan for you at the highest rates of interest. Plan your savings for retirement early to get the best rates and ...

Home-Based Business Start-Up Costs – How to Keep Them Under Control by Laurie Hayes
... For example: - internet access - bank charges - phone/fax lines - auto responder and shopping cart (if online business), - printer cartridges/office supplies - advertising, etc. Then determine when you expect to start bringing in sales. How much will you need to earn every month to cover your operating expenses? Not until your basic monthly expenses are covered and a surplus of funds is created should you begin to purchase the nice-to haves. Be frugal during your first year as a ...

Could Your Area Support Another Local Newspaper? by Jim Sutton
... Talk to a couple of local police officers, chat with a pawnshop owner, the owner of a local bar, a few of the pastors, an officer of a local bank, a store keeper. Ask their opinions of the area, the people they serve each day, what the greatest needs are, and what they think might help the community the most. Get some feedback from children, teens, and some working moms and dads. All of this may sound like a lot of homework. But it’s the very kind of work you will be doing if you start up a ...

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