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Friday, February 23, 2018
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Study Skills - How Can YOU Help Your Kids? by Frank McGinty
... These items can make a dent in a student's allowance, so as caring, interested parents willing to invest in our kids' future, it's usually appreciated when we make these available. It goes without saying the study room should be well-ventilated and maintained at an appropriate temperature. Nothing kills the study habit more than a lack of oxygen and an environment that's too hot or too cold! But what if you have a large family and there's just no free space for a study area?

Can Losing Weight With Fish Hurt Your Health? by Debbie Fontana
... But I also use an interesting tool, the "Mercury Calculator," from the National Resources Defense Council at **Here's How It Works** On the nrdc.org website, click the calculator icon marked "Mercury Calculator" near the bottom of the page on the left side. Then type in your weight and check off the kinds of fish you ate the prior week. (I like to use it before I eat seafood or fish. That way, I can avoid potentially harmful levels of mercury.) For each type of fish or seafood, choose ...

Article Marketing for Real Writers: Launch Your Freelance Career! by Dina Giolitto
... Interested readers will click it, and then they're back on YOUR website, learning about You and What You Do. Articles can MAKE YOU FAMOUS in your niche! How do you think the Adam Urbanskis, Ali Browns, Michel Fortins and Yanik Silvers of the web got where they are today? The thing is: even if some of us writers have great-looking websites, they're ranking pretty low on the search engines. And if you don't even HAVE a website well, you're nearly invisible.

Indian Mobile Infrastructure - To 3G or Not To 3G by Braham Singh
... Costs aside, there is an interesting aspect of 3G technology that could force operators to consider OFDMA based options to augment cellular data delivery systems. It may not be common knowledge, but 3G differs from 2G (GSM) in one important aspect the interdependence of network quality. In 2G, high traffic in one location tends to introduce poor quality in just the particular cell covering that location. In 3G however, the bad quality also impacts surrounding cells because a cell size may ...

Technology Tips To Make Life Easier by Jim Meisenheimer
... How many industry sales records do you own? If you would like to run for the GOLD and learn how to become the BEST you can become - please keep reading. If you're an EMERIL kind of person and interested in "Kicking it up a notch," take a look at my October 5-6 Advanced Selling Skills Boot Camp. New topics and exercises to help you take your business to the next level. See complete details along with 9 special bonuses here: Let's go sell something . . .

W.D. Gann Square of Nine by Peter Amaral
... Gann tells us that 90 degrees in very important in the stock market. What he's really saying is that adding and subtracting .5 (and exact multiples or proportions of .5) to the square root of a stock price and then squaring the result is very important! If you spend even a little time experimenting with Gann Wheel math on some stock or commodities charts you will discover some interesting relationships. If it seems a bit confusing, do not fret. W.D.

Finding a Mall Parking Spot Using Mathematics - Part I by Joe Pagano
... Having said this, I can move toward the interesting sounding title of this article and explain how basic mathematics can be used for even such an odd sounding thing as finding a parking spot in a busy mall. We all know how frustrating this can be particularly around the holiday shopping season. Now man is a clever animal and if you ask people their method many will quickly volunteer that they have a great system. These systems range from stalking people who leave the mall to circling like ...

AI Decision Computers to Construct and Deconstruct Solution Answers by Data Sets for Humans by Lance Winslow
... will come to trust the artificial intelligent computers, but until then humans will be demanding more answers in the form of more questions. Humans will want to see the data sets and a deconstructed decision-making process in a format they can understand and this too will be a challenge for artificial intelligent computer software designers. I certainly hope this article is of interest and that is has propelled thought. The goal is simple, to help you in your quest to be the best in 2007.

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