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Sunday, March 18, 2018
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Show Me The Money! by Paul Taylor
... Many start-up costs are one time costs such as a deposit on a utility connection or having a sign designed and placed on the building or marquee. However, many are recurring such as insurance premiums and monthly utility expenses. One business owner that I know said about start-up costs “you should add up everything that you think it will cost to get open and then at least double it, and you will be close to what it costs.” The lesson here is do not underestimate your initial expenses.

How to Set (and Get) the Right Prices by Jay Lipe
... Now, identify the profit your company needs to attain in order to fuel new investment and reward your employees. Finally, forecast what your annual unit volumes will be. Now, divide the total of your costs and profit by annual units sold, and you end up with a unit price. Sure, this is a simplified example, but the process is sound. This kind of analysis will help ascertain where your prices should be from a financial perspective. Pricing competitively It’s important not to stop here.

How To Get The Best Term Life Insurance Quote by E. Cory
... Also, you may want to get a guaranteed death benefit that will remain the same for the entire term of the policy. Finally, when comparing quotes to get the best term life insurance quote available, make sure you get the amount of protection your family needs at a price that you can afford. If you have any questions you can call or email the quote provider or insurance company and ask for a reply in writing to any/all questions you have. Make sure you understand your policy before you buy.

African Safari Gear Packing List - What To Take Along by Bruce Whittaker
... Binoculars (essential safari gear) Torch Camera and film (can be expensive and/or difficult to obtain) and extra flash batteries and lens cleaner If taking a digital camera: memory stick(s)/data card(s), charger and extra batteries Small bean bag to substitute a tripod Sleeping bag (may be supplied by safari company so check first) Travel pillow, or you can use your polar fleece/windbreaker Small calculator (or if you're taking your mobile phone) for currency calculations Money ...

Setting Up The Office by Ella McGhee
... Also inquire about location of supply closet, heavy duty staplers, paper cutters, company letterhead and envelopes, postage machine(s), copy machine(s), fax machine(s), scanner(s), company telephone extension and email list (if one exists), who to contact for phone/computer problems and supply ordering and which network drives files are saved in. Write down company fax number, your direct line/extension (and any other important extensions), switchboard numbers, company website address as ...

How Do I Know If I've Been Bugged? by Monty Henry
... * Spouses bug each other on a regular basis * Parents bug children * Businessmen bug other businessmen * Scientists bug other scientists * Students bug professors * Attorneys bug other attorneys (and their clients) * Insurance companies bug accident victims, and other claimants * Construction companies bug other construction companies * Salesmen bug clients * Collection agencies bug debtors * Police officers bug suspects * Executive recruiters bug personnel directors * Rock fans ...

Body Mass Index (BMI) Can't Measure Your Overall Health by Ian Mason
... David chuckles as he recounts the story of talking with his insurance company about insurance: “Before I went to see her, she must have thought I was a candidate for a heart attack. When I visited, she realized that I wasn’t about to have a heart attack, but I think she almost did!” In his spare time, David is a body builder. He lifts weights nearly every day, gets regular aerobic exercise in the forms of bicycling and karate, and eats well-balanced meals emphasizing lean meats, vegetables ...

The Skinny on Mutual Fund Investing by Mika Hamilton
... A mutual fund is actually a company that operates by taking money from a group of investors (all those that buy the fund) and then invests it in stocks or bonds, short term money market instruments, securities, options, or some combination of these investments. If the investments pay off, the investors make money. Because most mutual funds are run by people with a certain amount of financial savvy and stock market experience, mutual fund investing is often considered rather safe, but the ...

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