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Sunday, March 18, 2018
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Get An Online Life Insurance Quote by Terry Edwards
... Advertising for life insurance companies can be expensive in search engines so you're more likely to get stable, trustworthy companies. Check Out The Website Take a moment and look over the website. Does it offer helpful articles and tips? Does it have information that will help you learn what type of life insurance you need, and a calculator to help determine how much? If the website doesn't look like it well put together don't give them your personal information.

Online Annuity Calculator - Do You Need One? by Tiffany Walker
... One popular perk that many insurance companies and insurance brokers are offering nowadays is an online annuity calculator. To find one of these all you have to do is type the words “online annuity calculator” into a popular search engine like Google or Yahoo and you will be presented with scores of insurance companies urging you to try out the latest calculating gadget on their web site. Of course you don't necessarily need an online calculator to figure this out.

Life Insurance – Smokers and Overweights Pay Over 50% More! by Michael Challiner
... To qualify as a non-smoker, most insurance companies insist that you must not have “smoked or otherwise consumed any form of nicotine products during the previous 12 months.” Indeed, some companies go further and extend the qualifying period to 5 years! Because premiums for smokers and chubbies are so high, it becomes even more important to seek out the cheapest possible prices. As you're an internet surfer, the odds are you'll land a good discount.

Best Term Life Insurance – How Can You Get It? by Elizabeth Newberry
... benefits (for example, you may need to use the term life insurance as income in the event of job loss), upcoming expenses such as college tuition, etc. Many term life insurance companies and their Web sites provide term life insurance calculators or similar tools to help you determine how much term life insurance coverage you need. The term life insurance calculator will factor your annual pre-tax income and your age to help suggest the best amount of term life insurance coverage for you.

Online Car Insurance - Car Insurance Tips from Budget Car Insurance by Ken Charnley
... * Once you finished analyzing how much and what type of coverage you need, you can then look at other online car insurance companies to do some comparison shopping. Make sure you are comparing the exact same type of policy. Otherwise you have no way of telling who is offering you a better deal as the premium quotes are never the same amongst the insurers. * Before you finally press any purchase button, make certain you understand what it is you are buying.

Life Insurance Premiums Put the Squeeze on Fat People by Michael Challiner
... Life insurance companies are raising premiums up to 400% for fat people. They've always charged more for those who clearly over-eat, but during the last year or so the penalties have got worse and more people are being affected. In moves to tighten the belts, the life companies have lowered the limits they use to categorise peoples weight. This means that those who are merely overweight and would have previously qualified for a standard premium, now are punished with higher premiums – and ...

Lose a Laptop or PDA? You Get Your Stuff Back with Property ID Asset Tags by Mike Valentine
... - The Wall Street Journal, November 2003 Several companies have launched to help return lost property represented by web sites each company offering to help you recover lost valuables. An Irish startup has launched based on that same concept of marking expensive portable electronics, laptops, PDA's, cell phones, MP3 players and other valuables with their asset tags (labels with unique ID numbers). That firm also has a website and toll free phone lines where items can be reported found.

Home Insurance Quote Online – What You Need to Know Before Shopping by Gavin Bloom
... The actual square footage of your home is the starting point for most insurance companies. Square footage is used because home builders use it to estimate the cost to rebuild a house. You can find the accurate square footage on your home from the original house appraisal or plot plan. Once you have the square footage then you can add the upgrades like fireplaces, air conditioning, and finished basements. The online insurance calculators will often ask for a percentage of your total basement ...

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