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Saturday, March 24, 2018
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Does Your Site Have Link Value? by Ken McGaffin
... To carry these off effectively takes a reasonable investment in time and money but the long-term rewards in increased profile and increased traffic to your site will be well worth it. By understanding and building the link value of your site, you'll find that the success rates of your linking requests will increase and that other sites will link to you without being asked. That will really bring value to your business.

eBay Secrets to Getting Started Selling Online by Chris Ryerson
... eBay Secret 5 List for 7 DaysThe longer your auction is up on the site the more traffic you will receive to the auction page. It is typically best to list the item for the longest amount of time possible. This is 7 days unless you pay a little extra and list the item for 10 days. Also traffic is typically higher on the weekend in the evenings when people are at home. With a 7 day auction you can easily list it on Saturday or Sunday and then have it end of the same day a week later.

Resell Rights: The Quickest Way To Your Own Online Business by Stephen P Smith
... The profit potential of this kind of business is truly astronomical, and increasing all the time as more and more customers come online around the world. But there is a catch, however. None of the above significant advantages of using resell rights remove the need to research your market. Before buying your licence you still need to pick a product that sells, and you canít do this by guesswork, by selecting a product that you happen to like, or a niche in which you have an existing interest ...

A Guide to Website Promotion -- Part Two by Scott Lindsay
... Traditional media tools apply successfully to increase traffic and get more visitors. Promote your website URL on business cards, stationery and company documents. Donít ignore the importance of the traditional media. Include your URL in any display in newspapers, magazines and so on. Many people do use the yellow and white pages to search for services. Make sure your company is listed and provide the URL along your listing as well. Send your clients business greeting cards on proper occasions.

History of World / Regional Search Engines and Directories by Julie Wartes
... The company operates three interactive online services tailored to the Canadian marketplace, AOL English and French services, CompuServe and Netscape Online as well as several leading Internet brands including AOL.CA, AOL Canada Search, AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), Netscape.ca and MapQuest (32). General Information Members of AOL Canada Inc. have an added advantage. In addition to regular Web access, clients may choose to surf inside of the AOL environment, which is only available to AOL ...

Google Page Rank Explained by Michael Lawrence
... Links on webpages with a high page rank and little or no other outgoing links on them but yours will provide the best opportunities to improve your page rank (if that is your goal and it shouldn't be, link for traffic not pr). Make sure to work on your site content and design before approaching other webmasters for links. The bottom line is you need to have a site worth linking to in order to get people to link to it.

Methods of Website Promotion by Michael Medeiros
... Free Traffic Promotion Ė Keywords and PhrasesWhen it comes to free traffic, itís about information retrieval. People utilize tools that provide information accurately and quickly. These tools rely on the developerís interpretation of a Website or page (On-Site Optimization). What is the Website or page about? What phrases are people looking for that want to use this site? Information retrieval is a complicated double-edge-sword between people surfing the web and people creating the web.