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Monday, April 23, 2018
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How Much Is Your Second Income Costing You? by Erica Armstrong
... Most families choose to be two income producing for very good reasons. In the lowest income groups, it is probably a matter of economic necessity. There are many cases where mothers work as their partners employment lacks security or offers few benefits. Usually the second income earner is doing to in order to elevate the families standard of living. Many families with two incomes are able to economize, but the reality is they do not. If you are trying to evaluate the true value of a second ...

The Art Of Exponential Money Generation by Martin Thomson
... Money does feed of itself to produce more money, which in turn produces even more money. Compounding is a manufactured reality and not a natural phenomenon. Its manufactured by the circumstantial relationship between the value of money as a commodity and the time element (which is a natural feature of the demand for the commodity of money) Compounding has been a tool of the Rich for centuries and continues to be. However along with compounding comes risk.

Tips For Easily Saving Substantial Amounts of Money In Many Ways by Z. Perry
... dryer and it mildews, it will just cost you more money washing it again, and if you don't spend money to properly maintain your car or home, more expensive problems could occur. Saving money isn't effective if you only take token measures to accomplish it, rather than taking it seriously. Even if you have enough income to afford more expensive products and stores, wouldn't it be better to have some extra money to buy items you can't normally afford, donate to charity, or save for later?

Does Retirement Fit Into Your Busy Schedule? by David Richter
... Itís not only a way of feeling useful or deriving an income; itís more importantly a requirement for sanity and longevity. Numerous studies corroborate this. Does this mean you shouldnít retire? Do you have to remain on the treadmill until you die? Not exactly. You can get out of the "rat race" without retiring. Applying a new dimension to the word, retire, it no longer implies that you stop working; rather, you are no longer working for someone else.

Guaranteed Hits, Guaranteed Visitors - Don't Waste Your Time by Paul D Johnson
... I'm steadily increasing my results, and my income, with the proper techniques. Once again, don't waste your time or money on any kind of 'guaranteed hits' program or service. Instead, take your time and money and point them towards the resources that will actually work. Lead capturing, autoresponders, viral eBooks (with quality content), and joint ventures are examples of excellent methods and tools to use.

Sales 201: Learning Tools of Your Trade by Daniel Sitter
... not an all-inclusive list of tools available to salespersons, but these represent important and essential elements contributing to the success of superior salespeople. Do you want to be average? Do you want to continue to meander? If your desire is to continuously improve and employ every asset at your disposal to become a superior salesperson, enjoying superior sales and income, then do as the superior salesperson does. Become an expert in the use of tools of the sales trade and get busy.

Does Your Financial Plan Belong in a Cartoon? by Neal Frankle
... If you delay taping your retirement accounts, you give them a greater opportunity to grow, and you reduce the time they have to produce income for you. Itís a double win! 2.Use a defensive strategy when it comes to investing. Realize what Wile E. Coyote never seemed to: What goes up must come down. According to 60 years of research, a bear market comes along every 3.3 years and the average loss exceeds 27 percent. It wonít take many of these bear markets to get you off the golf course and ...

The Key To Success With A Home Based, Network Marketing Business by Donovan Baldwin
... I failed to produce significant income with one home based business opportunity after another. My friends and relatives didn't just cross the street when they saw me coming, they ran the other way! My friends in network marketing, however, just kept on making of money! A 9 TO 5 JOB SHOWED ME THE SECRET OF NETWORK MARKETING. For a few years, my wife and I became over-the-road truck drivers for a major national carrier, and then an opportunity opened up for us to become truck driving ...

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