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Saturday, March 24, 2018
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Mobile Phones Multitasking Gadgets by Martin Dev
... One such great invention resulting to (nearly) any-time, any-where communication is invention of mobile telephony. Because of mobile, one today seems never far-away from being communicated with. Let be an adult professional, or a young restless soul, for every one communication is priceless. An on-the-go communication means one is always connected and available to be reached to. Mobile phone today has taken the role of a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), alarm clock, calculator, and calender.

How Much Is A Great Business Logo Really Worth? by Curtis D. Tucker
... With the amount of software available today and the invention of the Internet, any sixteen year old kid can start his own logo design company. In closing let me say that the information above is a personal opinion and is taken from years of searching logo design web sites and reading books on graphic design. The prices and information I have explained here only pertain to the work of graphic designers, not advertising agencies. An advertising agency handles logo design on a larger ...

History of the Computer - Computers and Technology by Michael Cooper
... It was intended to be steam powered and fully automatic, including the printing of the resulting tables, and commanded by a fixed instruction program. The difference engine, although having limited adaptability and applicability, was really a great advance. Babbage continued to work on it for the next 10 years, but in 1833 he lost interest because he thought he had a better idea; the construction of what would now be called a general purpose, fully program-controlled, automatic mechanical ...

Cell Phones Revealed by Tyler D King
... Now less than 30 years later, we have cell phones that play MP3s, take digital pictures, sends text messages, access the Internet, download and send pictures, music, games, include calculator functions, voice mail, video, real stereo ring tunes, and so much more. It's hard to imagine what kind of cell phones we'll have in 30 more years. At the rate our world's technology advances, we will wont even need phones in 30 years. How would we communicate you ask?

The Notebooks Of Leonardo Davinci by Kevin Wilson
... Other inventions include a submarine, a cog-wheeled device that has been interpreted as the first mechanical calculator, and a car powered by a spring mechanism. In his years in the Vatican, he planned an industrial use of solar power, by employing concave mirrors to heat water. While most of Leonardo's inventions were not built during his lifetime, models of many of them have been constructed with the support of IBM and are on display at the Leonardo Da Vinci Museum at the Château du Clos ...

Who Doesn't Have a Cell Phone? by Fashun Smith
... Although the features that the most users are the most familiar with are the games (snake and pong?) and the address book, there are many other helpful features that most cell phones include. To make the most of your phone, you must ferret out these features and take them for what they're worth. To know what's going on with your phone, though, you have to know the basics first. Of primary importance is reading your cell phone's manual. This may seem like a dreary job, but cell phone manuals ...

LEDs: The Light of the Future by William Sutherland
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Achieving an Ambidextrous Mindset by C. Bailey-Lloyd
... While his right-brain permitted him to express his exquisite talents in the arts, his left-brain mathematically and analytically went to work in his revolutionary concepts and inventions -- like the first robot, submarine and even the first mechanical calculator. But from where did his visionary inspirations derive? Of course, the right brain. In my opinion, and by scholars throughout the world, da Vinci was by far the greatest genius in human history.