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Monday, April 23, 2018
Article written by Jane Deuber

In Direct Sales- Your Summer Preparation Checklist

The lazy days of summer don’t have to slow you and your business down when you take these steps to prepare in advance. This time-tested Summer Preparation Checklist will ensure your sales and sponsoring keep rising along with those summer temperatures.

1. Plan now for your kid’s summer schedule so you don’t find yourself in the middle of June without any options. Schools and city recreation departments offer a wide variety of programs your kids will love. Start planning your kids' summer schedule now as some of these programs fill up fast and can vary considerably in price.

2. Have a Summer Fun Meeting with your family. Create three lists of things to do during the summer. One list of projects to do with mom, dad or the whole family; another list of fun things to do when a friend is over; and one last list of things your child can do on her own. Plan to have all you need on hand by picking up the right summer supplies the next time you go to the store.

3. Get your kids organized. Your office may not be an example of organizational bliss but if you want to avoid having your kids come to you to find everything from crayons to soccer cleats, you will need to get their closets and toy storage areas in order. By involving them in the organizational process they will be able to find what they need without coming to ask you.

4. Have a Plan B list of reliable friends and older neighborhood kids you can call on to watch your children when Plan A falls through. You can arrange with the parents of your child’s friends to do a regular “kid swap” or select from a list of high school students you know in your area.

5. Keep your sanity throughout the summer by attending periodic trainings and workshops. Just recently, DSWA members who attended the Tri-Cities, Washington training hosted by DSWA and Cynthia Kersey reported they returned home with fresh enthusiasm, new business-building ideas and lots of leads for future shows and sales appointments. Networking pays!

6. Be ready to do business while you are on the move by always having your business with you. Create a Business-in-a-box that you can grab as you run out the door that contains all the things you need to make good use of those “stolen minutes”.

Here are just a few of the ways our members shared how they utilize their waiting time:

* I read up on company literature so I’m always informed of the latest news.

* I carry a calculator so I can process paperwork or close a show.

* I make return calls to team members who call me with questions.

* I use my cell to make “feel good calls” to potential team members.

* I follow-up on customer inquiries regarding product details or availability.

* I turn on a classical music station and write heart-felt thank you notes to customers and hostesses.

* I check in with future hostesses to see if they have any questions and give them encouragement.

* I take time for me. There will always be a phone call to make, or a note to write. By taking a quiet 15 minute escape, I feel rejuvenated and ready for the rest of my day!
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